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  1. Jessica Baines

    Hi guys I’ve had my hair done with you guys years ago. I only come home to Liverpool once in a while and salons in Leeds never do it right! I’m down for two days later this week and I want to treat my little sister and myself to a cut and colour. I was just wondering if I’d have to get a patch test. I don’t have time to do one, is there any disclaimer form I could sign instead?

    1. emma

      Hi Jess, that is no problem we have disclaimer forms you can sign or you can have a strand test half an hour before your appointment and then you can be 100% sure? If this sounds okay for you please give us a ring and we can book you in – the number is 0844 445 7889. Voodou x

  2. Amy

    Hi guys i have an NVQ Level 2 in hairdressing and would love a chance to work with you, i was just wondering if there were any vacancies? I’m finding it a little difficult getting into a salon in Widnes/Runcorn as i have a few tattoo’s and don’t fit into their “look” so i was just hoping you may take a chance on me even if its temporary for some experience that would be amazing.

  3. ian hughes

    Message on behalf of Nicola Taylor.she wants to cancell appointment for this conning Thursday at your salon in button st


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