Are you a Voodou Virgin?

Are you a Voodou Virgin?

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Voodou Training Academy – the team

These are some of the skilled, experienced and friendly staff at the Voodou Training Academy – they are creating the hair super-stars of the future in Liverpool.

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4 thoughts on “Voodou Training Academy – the team

  1. Nichola caddick

    I had an interview at voodoo in Stanley street, I was told to phone after I finished my course, can I still have a place for training, thank you N Caddick

    1. Cathie

      Hi Nichola, you will need to contact the academy directly for information. Their number is 0151 258 1428. Thanks! Voodou x

  2. katie ross

    hi, my mum told me you rang earlier regarding my application for training with voodou. I couldnt come to the phone as i was feeling ill and went asleep to relieve it. Also, if you can get back to me again, im sorry for the inconvenience, could you email me as its easier for me this side of things. Thank you.


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