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Beauty and Makeup at Voodou Liverpool Hair and Beauty Salon

Voodou is all about the art of looking good and the magic of feeling great, and nothing makes you feel great like a makeover. At the Voodou hair and beauty salon in Liverpool city centre on Bold Street, you can transform or top-up your look, from your hair to your brows, lashes and nails to your makeup as part of our Voodou Dolls beauty service with Liverpool beauty therapist Lyndsey. Voodou Dolls is part of the Dolls and Groom beauty service available at Voodou, with beauty services for all genders, based in our Bold Street colour specialist salon. Visit the Voodou Barbers website to learn more about Voodou grooming services for him.

Nails at Voodou Liverpool

Shellac Nails at Voodou Liverpool

Shellac is definitely one of the most popular nails services at our Liverpool city centre beauty salon, giving chip-free, long lasting colour. With both shellac manicures and shellac pedicures available at Voodou, shellac is a popular holiday beauty treatment, ensuring your nails look fresh the whole time you’re away*. Our Liverpool nail artist has a range of shellac colours which take approximately 30 minutes to apply, meaning no dry time, no odour and no nail damage. The shellac process involves a thin base coat which dries in 10 seconds, application of shellac nail colour and a shellac top coat, sealing the look with a super shiny finish and set under a CND UV lamp. If you’re a shellac virgin, we guarantee you’ll be shellac obsessed once you try it!

*Shellac can last on average 14 days or longer

Manicures and Pedicures at Voodou Beauty Salon 

Whether you’re after a classic file and polish, a proper nail pamper or some fun nail art, you’ll love our manicure services in our Bold Street salon. With a range of colours and designs, we can work together to find a look to suit your personal style that will last up to 2 weeks, with pedicures lasting up to 4 weeks. Our pedicures also include a luxurious foot road, buff, file and polish, with full pedicures including hard skin removal, exfoliation and a full foot massage finished with heated boots. 

Waxing at Voodou Liverpool Beauty Salon

At home hair removal can end in disaster, but with the waxing experts at Voodou Liverpool, you’re in safe hands, which means simple, comfortable hair removal. At Voodou you can wax pretty much anywhere (and we mean anywhere) with brows, lip, chin, underarms, forearms, full arm, half leg, full leg, British, Brazilian and Hollywood waxes all available at the Voodou beauty salon.

If you’re a regular waxer, results can last up to 4 weeks, but for waxing virgins results can last for around 3 weeks at a time. During your wax at Voodou Liverpool, you can purchase No Bumps, which keeps your skin feeling smoother for longer after your wax appointment at Voodou.


Eyelashes and Brows at Liverpool City Centre Beauty Salon

Us Liverpool girls (and lads) take our brows seriously, keeping them on point at all times, so make sure you look after your eyebrows with brow expert Lyndsey in our Bold Street beauty salon. The brow services at Voodou are:

  • Brow tint: lasts up to a week, fading with regular washing
  • Brow wax: keep those stray hairs at bay

Of course your lashes are just as important as the brows, and good eyelashes can make all the difference to your look. 

  • Eyelash tint: lasts up to a week, fading with regular washing
  • Eyelash extensions: last up to a week
  • Strip lashes
  • Individual lashes

*Please note for eyebrow tints and eyelash tints, a skin test is required 24 hours in advance

Makeup at Voodou Liverpool Makeup Salon

If you’re in Voodou to get your hair, wax, brows, lashes or nails done, why not get your makeup done at Voodou whilst you’re here? Our Liverpool city centre beauty salon offers hair and makeup packages which are ideal if you’re going to a special occasion such as a wedding, prom or graduation. Save yourself the hassle of getting ready and let the hairstylists and makeup artists at Voodou take care of you and get you picture perfect, all whilst enjoying a glass of wine in salon – the only thing left for you to do will be to pop on your high heels! 

Where is the Voodou Liverpool Beauty Salon Nearest Me?

Voodou Dolls beauty services and makeup are available at our Bold Street hair and beauty salon in Liverpool city centre. Find out more about our Liverpool beauty salon, and call us on 0151 708 4017 to book your beauty or makeup appointment at Voodou Liverpool. 

Click here to see the beauty and makeup prices at Voodou.

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