GHD Eclipse

Stronger not hotter to take on any styling challenge

GHD Eclipse is a ground-breaking new styler, with the ability to tackle any hair texture quickly and easily..


The GHD Eclipse  will revolutionize styling on hard-to-tame hair. Using new, innovative and patented tri-zone technology developed exclusively by GHD scientists to take hair styling into a new era.  GHD eclipse can radically transform the toughest of textures, such as very thick, curly or afro hair.
It can also style larger sections of hair at a time, making styling significantly faster on all hair types. The new GHD Eclipse uses a more effective heat to deliver the best and fastest results yet, while new tri-zone technology uses six quick-thinking sensors (three on each plate) to ensure no loss of heat during styling, while maintaining heat at a constant 185°C which is the most effective temperature to produce the best styling results.


  • New generation styling technology Unique and patented tri-zone™ technology uses six quick-thinking sensors (three on each plate) to ensure no heat loss during styling and a constant temperature is maintained for every stroke
  • More effective heat A constant heat of 185°C is maintained throughout styling. This is the optimal temperature for styling hair and produces the best results.
  • Single stroke styling Outstanding results from the first stroke
  • Super-fine, precision-finished plates For ultimate heat transfer, efficiency and snag-free styling
  • Cooler body Aerogel insulation for the coolest handling yet
  • Universal Voltage For the same outstanding performance wherever you are in the world

Before and After using GHD Eclipse