Balayage vs Colour Melt

Balayage or Colour Melt? Voodou Art Directors Wez & Lewis Give Us The Lowdown…

It goes without saying that Voodou’s identical twins Wez and Lewis know each other inside out… but they also know a LOT about hair colour too! Here, our award-winning hair colour experts give you the lowdown on two of Voodou’s most popular services – balayage and colour melt.


So, Lewis. What IS ‘Balayage’?! “Balayage is a freehand painting highlighting technique applied to ribbons of hair, to create hyper-natural sun kissed results – emulating the effect of a natural hair colour which has been in exposed to the sun. The look achieved using this technique is incredibly soft at the root diffusing into heavier, lighter ends. Usually this technique is used to create warmer, natural shades – if your dream hair is a super cool/ashen blonde, you have a build up of dark artificial dyes, the colour melt technique is probably best suited for you.”

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And Wez, what is the ‘Colour Melting’ technique all about?! “A Colour Melt is strategically placed highlights incubated in foil to achieve maximum lift. The highlights are then blended away from the root with a shade almost identical to your natural colour, please note that you can never achieve your exact natural shade with artificial colour. We then tone the hair at various stages to achieve a seamless blend. The final stage is finished with a gloss to give maximum shine and strength to the hair.”

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