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Easilocks Hair Extensions Voodou Hairdressing Liverpool

Unlock the secret to beautiful hair

With Easilocks hair extensions not requiring heat, glue, braiding or sewing, it’s no wonder that Easilocks is quickly gathering a legion of fans, including A-List celebrities. Virtually undetectable, and so comfortable to wear, Voodou is letting you in on the secret to beautiful, full and natural looking hair.

Voodou is the only official salon stockist of Easilocks hair extensions in Liverpool.


Easilocks Hair Extensions Voodou Hairdressing LiverpoolWhat makes Easilocks Hair Extensions so special?

Using 100% human hair, the effect which Easilocks gives compared to other competitors is second to none.

The revolutionary Easlilocks technology doesn’t use traditional methods used by other hair extensions. A small section of the natural hair is crouched through the easilock and secured in place.

The pre-bonded human hair extension strand is placed inside the easilock with the already placed section of human hair.

Then, using the easilocks applicator tool, the easilock is sealed and locked into place, meaning absolutely no heat or glue is used during the process, leaving your natural hair in great condition with absolutely no long term effects. It’s that simple!

Easilocks Hair Extensions Voodou Hairdressing LiverpoolAlong with causing no damage to your natural hair, it’s extremely comfortable to wear, with the result lasting up to 9 weeks. Our Voodou Easilocks experts will leave your hair looking like never before.

But don’t just take our word for it Alex Gerrard, Katie Price, Amy Childes and Chantelle Houton are all big fans!

This hair extension revolution makes it easy to see why Easilocks is making waves in the hairdressing industry.

How much does it cost?

Easilocks individual extensions come in 18″, 20″ and 22″ lengths.

Prices for the Easilocks service depends on the number of individual extensions fitted:


Level 1 head of hair – £700

Level 2 head of hair – £800

Level 3 head of hair – £870


To choose a level why not speak to your stylist on the amount of thickness they would recommend? 

For a full head of Easilocks the process takes around two hours and after about 3 months the hair will have grown a significant amount where the extensions will need reapplying – this service can also be done in Voodou’s Colour Centre salon for £350.

Client ProfileEasilocks Hair Extensions Voodou Hairdressing Liverpool

“I came to Voodou as a colour client and asked my stylist about hair extensions. I was booked in for a free extensions consultation as I’ve never had any type of extensions before. I was recommended Easilocks extensions as they are individual and the hair weight and tension is evenly distributed around the head so they feel really light. I was after a really big change so I went for it and I love the results. They look and feel gorgeous! I feel like Christmas has come early for me! “

                                              Sue Lamb, Voodou client ->

Our Voodou Easilock experts will leave your hair looking and feeling amazing. No wonder it’s being hailed as the secret to beautiful hair. Get in on the secret, and turn heads by booking your appointment today at our Liverpool hairdressers on 0151 708 4017 option 1.

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 Easilocks Hair Extensions at Voodou

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