Pregnancy Hair Care

Voodou Salon Liverpool’s Guide to Hair Care During Pregnancy


Congratulations! Whether you are expecting your first,second or tenth baby the effects pregnancy can have on your hair can vary from person to person. You might be carrying that glorious pregnant glow on the outside, but suffering from a range of symptoms on the inside. Morning sickness, swollen ankles and heartburn are all much needed reasons to take yourself for a well deserved pamper at Voodou Hairdressers in Liverpool. With your hormones ever-changing your hair is likely to see a change, however with the help from our expert stylists on the best pregnancy hair care techniques – you will look and feel gorgeous from the start of your pregnancy till long after your baby has arrived.


Colouring Your Hair When Pregnant


Despite what many people may think, the NHS now say that although research is limited – it does show that colouring hair when pregnant is save to do so. Although very high levels of chemicals found in hair dye can potentially be harmful, the NHS has published official guidelines for colouring hair when pregnant which can be found by clicking here. To be 100% sure about colouring hair when pregnant, why not arrange to speak to one of Voodou Liverpool’s expert colour technicians to discuss the best pregnancy hair care techniques in colouring.

Pregnancy Hair Problems


If you are suffering with taming your thicker hair during pregnancy – why not book yourself a free consultation with one of our expert stylists, to discuss the best hair products to use when pregnant. The levels of oestrogen are much higher in pregnant women, which may result in your hair shedding less, and appearing thicker, healthier and even glossier! Changes to hair during pregnancy can also include alterations to hair texture and hair moisture levels. If you hair has become drier, more brittle or more greasy and you want to speak to one of our stylists on the different methods you can take the help prevent this – contact your nearest Voodou salon.

Hairstyle Idea For Pregnant Women


A lot of prospective mums may feel changing their hairstyle during pregnancy is the last thing on their mind – but at Voodou Liverpool our expert stylists know that sometimes a new look can do wonders for your self esteem.

During pregnancy your hormones are likely to be all over the place, so always talk to your stylist before making any drastic hairstyle changes.

Why not give yourself a more manageable hairstyle for when the baby arrives? Or if you are pregnant with long hair, discuss with your stylist simple but gorgeous ways to put it up out of the way.

Hairstyle Ideas For New Mums


Your little bundle of joy has arrived and an easy to maintain hairstyle is all you are really looking for as a busy new mum!

Up hairstyles for new mums are brilliant at keeping all of your hair off your face but still looking amazing. Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba are two examples of celebrity mum hairstyles we think look gorgeous! Plaits and braid hairstyles for mums are equally easy to maintain and are a huge summer hair trend this year.

If your long hair is driving you mad now, then talk to our Voodou experts about short hairstyles for busy new mums. From long bobs, to pixie crops – there are a range of short hairstyles that will make your life much easier now your baby is here.

Pregnancy Beauty Treatments at Voodou, Liverpool


It can be difficult to make time for yourself when you are a busy new mum, but it is important to look after yourself. At Voodou Dolls, we offer a range of beauty treatments to pamper new mums and pregnant women – helping to make you look and feel gorgeous! Our most popular service – Shellac nails – is perfect for new mums as it is chip and smudge resistant for up to four weeks which means you can have beautiful looking hands and feet with a durable finish. For more information on Voodou Dolls beauty services call us on 0151 708 4017 option 1.

To talk to the expert stylists at our hairdressing salon in Liverpool about hair care and hair solutions for pregnant women and new mums – call us today on 0151 708 4017.