Jack’s Christmas list 2013

The Christmas Gift Wish List from Voodou, Liverpool

voodou-jackVoodou Jack isn’t always the best behaved little skull, so we wonder whether Santa will grant him his Christmas wish list this year?

Forgive his abrupt ways and his diva-like demands to Mr Claus, but whether he’s naughty or nice this year, we reckon you should print this Christmas gift list off if you need help with what to buy your girlfriend, wife, sister, or Mum for Christmas! Don’t forget Voodou also has the biggest Barbers in Liverpool so don’t leave your man out of the Christmas pampering this year. A restyle or precision shave is just the ticket and a great choice when it comes to Christmas gift ideas for men.

So let’s see what Jack – Voodou’s scampish and salacious skull is demanding for Christmas…



Yo Santa, how are ya mate?

In a nutshell me old white bearded beauty, this is what needs to come down me chimney this fezzie season… K?

  • Longer hair
  • Luscious curls
  • Silky smooth locks
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Stylist deals
Listen, I’ll get to the point. I’ve not been the best little skull this year (although frankly, I’ve had a boss time)… I’ve seen a few good lookin’ females and fellas around the salons and I’m thinkin’ you’re the man who can sort me out with the shizz I need to pull the looks off.
Firstly about the bifters, the bevied up nights and the Bizzies, I mean really, whoever told ya about about da run-ins was totally blaggin’… not true at all.
On to business, as I mentioned, I have seen some real stunners around the Voodou Liverpool salons lately. It’s left me feeling rather patchy and… well quite frankly; bald. I’m in need of hair extensions for Christmas and I reckon a Halo is the way to go. Close yer mouth Santa, I can see you’re shocked. Hear me out. I reckon I could get back to my inner angelic self with Halo hair extensions. If you don’t want sewn in hair extensions, stennies on clips, bonded or locked hair extensions then O to the M to the Geeee these Halo hair extensions are proper boss! It’s hair extensions, on a wire ‘halo’ that you wear like a headband! You can’t see the wire, they don’t hurt at all, and they come in some proper sound colours. It’s all about length Santa, so this year so do us a favour mate and chuck a 20 incher in your sack will ya? That’s a 20″ 99J (purple to me and you lad) Halo. I reckon that’ll look well good.
Once I have my luscious locks in place I’m going to need something to style them with. Apparently ghd are the best styling irons ever ever amen. I’ve spotted those gorgeous Christmas exclusive Winter Wonderland ghd gift sets with the hairdryer and I’ve heard that Voodou Liverpool stock ghd Christmas gift sets too! The ghd Winter Wonderland deluxe gift set with the hairdryer and stylers’ll do me just fine (bonus for you too, I heard that gift set comes with a whopping £35 saving! Get in!!).
With all that styling comes the need for some treatments (not that I’m complaining, who doesn’t love treatments?!) Moroccanoil is apparently the only way to go.  Everyone loves this stuff! It transforms your hair from Fraggle to fabulous and not only leaves it smooth and shiny, but improves it each time you use it, making your hair stronger with each use! PASS ME A BUCKET OF THE STUFFF! If that wasn’t ace enough, their Christmas treatment pack comes in a GORGEOUS cream snakeskin bag. WINNER!
Next, I need some beauty therapy. A good waxing’ll do me the world of good. I’ve heard about this new hot wax available at Voodou Liverpool, they reckon it’s amazing. Apparently, it’s the perfect wax treatment sensitive skin, can be used on much shorter hairs than strip waxing (so you’re not going to get too much stubbly regrowth between treatments) AND there’s less chance of ingrown hairs (the nasty little buggers). Incredible! If that weren’t enough it even contains anti-inflammatory ingredients; lavender and chamomile which are soothing. Ahhh, heaven. 
Now obviously I’ve had to hand hold you this far in telling you what I want for Christmas, but I simply LOVE a surprise! So, you’ll need to keep a close eye on the next best thing since sliced bread from Sayers – Voodou’s SECRET SANTA DEALS! OMG, so exciting. There you’ll be able to pick up amazing last minute hairdressing offers and deals whilst putting money back into your red velvet pockets.
Because I’m such a fussy sod, I’m worried I’ve forgotten something off me list, so just to be on the safe side I  recommend you pick me up a gift certificate to finish it off too. With a Voodou gift voucher tucked up me sleeve, I’ll be able to spend it on hair cutting, hair colour, hair products or even a Blow2Go before me next big night out. You could even even get one for yourself while you’re there (Mrs Claus sure knows you need it, that beard is a show you know).
I’ll leave it at that, wouldn’t want you thinking I’m greedy!
In a bit lad,

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