Lazy Lie-Ins, Cooked Breakfasts and…Hair Cuts on a Sunday!

sundayLet’s face it, Sundays aren’t what they used to be. In our 24/7 culture with changing work patterns, ever busier lifestyles and a general pressure to fill our social media pages full of the ‘exciting stuff’ we’ve been up to at the weekend, for many of us lazy Sundays spent reading the paper, drinking coffee and generally sat round in our pjs are a thing of the past.

These days, we can pretty much do anything on a Sunday that we used to have to pack into a Saturday. We are shocked and maybe even a little outraged if we find a shop that doesn’t open for us or say an online travel agent who can’t immediately answer our query at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon.

And getting a haircut is no different. In fact for many, Sunday is pretty much the perfect day for a trip to your favourite hair salon or barbers. Where Saturdays are still a little bit manic – getting ready for a big night out or being a taxi for the kids – Sundays are still fundamentally about ‘me-time’Voodou Hair Salons and Barbers in Liverpool City centre have been open on Sundays for many years now in response to customer demand and Sundays at Voodou can be one of the busier days.

Whilst for the staff it’s business as usual – transforming hair, waxing legs, trimming beards and mixing colours (Sunday also happens to be Half price Colour day at Voodou) – for Voodou’s Sunday clients it’s hopefully a chill out space where they can relax and be pampered because after all, isn’t that what Sundays should still be all about?

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