Sebastian Hair Products

Sebastian hair products available at Voodou, Liverpool

Created in 1970 Sebastian hair products have now become one of the favourite choices for hairstylists. Offering a full range of products suitable for all hair types the range is loved by both Voodou, Liverpool stylists and clients.

Artistic Director Vicky Hay loves the Sebastian hair products range because “it has a product to combat every hair problem, and it’s a professional range so it won’t give a build up on the hair. The range is also brilliant because the Sebastian hair products allow you to create massive volume or ultra smooth friz free locks”.

The Products

Sebastian hair products are split into four different areas: Foundation, Flow, Form and Flaunt offering a complete array of products to make your home hair care results as professional as when you’ve just left our salon.


Sebastian’s range of shampoo and conditioners provide a ravishing FOUNDATION for hair

 The root of all style, boosting hair back to life, shampoos ooze clean whilst the conditioner richly pampers. Inspired by fashions pure desire to pare style to the max, ravishing results build nothing less then a fearless foundation.


Sebastian’s condition stylers keep hair in the FLOW

Hair’s must have solutions in essential treatment stylers, specially created to be kind to hair and  cool to style inspired by fashion’s luxuriously natural fabrics, cashmere light and silky smooth to the touch, finished by having ultra-nourished hair craving to be caressed which stays effortlessly in the flow.


Sebastian’s sculpting, molding and holding stylers give hair fierce FORM

Our dimension of transformation fire stylers stretch the imagination in holding, molding and sculpting, inspired by fashion’s ability to layer on the attitude, whatever the style, hair’s now designed to stay true to fearless form.


Using Sebastian you can create hairstyles with a shine you’ll love to FLAUNT

Hair’s wow factor formulations to shine like there’s no tomorrow, designed to up the glam factor with a disco kick.  Inspired by fashion’s obsession with out-shining the light after dark, super-dressed hair that loves to bask in high hair fashion glory is now flawlessly styled to flaunt.

What Alex had to say about Sebastian Hair Products..

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