VIP Passes


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Why do I need these in my life?

Voodou VIP Passes are Monthly Fixed Fee Passes which give you a big saving compared to paying for individual visits.

How do VIP Passes work?

  • Choose the pass you want and the level of stylist e.g. Senior Stylist/Art Director
  • Sign-up online and it will take you through the process to set up a monthly Direct Debit – just like a gym membership only this one you will use!
  • Deductions start on the 25th of the current month and your visit Pass starts from the 1st of the month after.
  • Or ask in-salon about instant sign-up and starting getting your service that day.

The Benefits

  1. Savings of up to 30% compared to paying each time
  2. Spread the cost monthly
  3. Fit Hair.. Always.

Terms and Conditions for Voodou Membership Passes
Your agreement is with Exit Hairdressing Ltd T/A Voodou.
Monthly rolling membership – where monthly mean calendar month.
Agreement starts on your first visit ( if you choose to pay on the day) or sign up day ( if your first payment is by DD).
You and Voodou can cancel the agreement and payments at any time.
You must give one months notice in writing or by email to cancel.
We will confirm receipt of your notice in writing or via email within 10 days of receipt.
You have a cooling off period after signing of 14 days. Definition of cooling off period is a period of time after a sale contract is agreed during which the buyer can cancel the contract without incurring a penalty. The company, Exit Hairdressing T/A Voodou, must be informed in writing or by email.
Your membership is personal to you and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
You must be 18 or over.
Acceptance of your application or continuation of membership is solely at the discretion of management.
Passes are for the level of stylist for which they are bought at the start of the contract e.g. Senior stylist. But you can upgrade at any time.
The Contract is governed by the law of England and Wales.