Role in the salon – Senior Stylist

Favourite place – Barcelona

What makes you happy – My Family and friends

Person you admire – My Mum

Inspired by – Guy Tang

Favourite looks – anything from glamorous to Boho to short styled and choppy

Favourite hairstyle – Glamourous waves

Favourite Products – Wave aid by Redken and wax blast by Redken both give amazing texture

Celebrity inspiration – Beyonce

Some of my work

  • DREAMY voodouliverpool Colour  redken citybeats
  • Green goodness Hair by meganniccollshair voodoumegan
  •       voodouliverpool redken mermaidauthority mermaidians
  • COTTON CANDY Pastel melt using redken citybeats
  • The rainbow queen voodoumegan has done it again Hair by
  • BLUEBERRY SWIRL voodouliverpool redken
  • Im blue daba dee daba die voodouliverpool redken
  • MERMAID  That shine thoughhh Colour melt using redken Citybeats
  • swipe for rainbow deliciousness voodouliverpool redken mermaidians theunicorntribe
  • Tie Dye bangz voodouliverpool Using redken citybeats
  • redken voodouliverpool mermaidians theunicorntribe