Staff Returns, New Puppies & Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

Staff Returns, New Puppies & Big Fat Gypsy Weddings

Welcome back to the wonderful Kerry ‘Kezzarella’ Johnson who returned to work this week after 9 months on maternity leave.  I think she was a bit nervous about coming back in and leaving her beautiful daughter Ava in nursery. Secretly I think she thought she might feel like the new girl, but she needn’t have worried everyone was really happy to see her back! She is already like part of the furniture once more.

ryan edwards kerry johnson voodou bold street







My favourite client Victoria popped in this week. She’s a really edgy girl, who always comes into the salon and just tells me to do what I want. The kind of cut I give Victoria would not suit most girls, or even boys come to that, but she is a real arty girl who is always willing to experiment with new things… I always get such a buzz when I know she is coming in!







For those of you that don’t know I have got a new puppy, Frankie. He is a toy Jack Russell and is so tiny and so funny!! He’s currently trying to jump on the back of my other dog Hugo like his really really annoying little brother.







Just a quick reminder that our wonderful friend and client Thelma Madine’s new show, Thelma’s Girls, continues this Sunday at 9pm, on Channel 4. If you missed the first episode last Sunday make sure you check it out on 4On Demand.  Filmed in and around Liverpool you may see a few faces you know, so give it a watch.





Till next time, Ryan.