Are you a Voodou Virgin?

Are you a Voodou Virgin?

£10 OFF for new and returning clients

Are you a Voodou Virgin?

Are you a Voodou Virgin?

voodou-virgin1If you’re a Voodou Virgin (a new client) or a Voodou Born Again Virgin (you’ve not seen us for 12 months) we will give you a discount off your first visit!

Just enter your name and email below and we will send you a voucher to use on *ANY hair services at ANY Voodou salon.

The Voodou Virgin discount is  £10 off in all our salons.

(Please note the voucher is valid for 20 days – so don’t claim your voucher until you are ready to book in).

Claim your voucher using the boxes below -



Terms & Conditions
This Voucher entitles you to a £10 discount on *ALL hair services at any Voodou salon
- excludes shaves, beauty, grooming & hair extensions.
Can be used on any bill for hair services of £26 or more.
Valid for 20 days from date of issue and offer ends February 13th 2014
Only one Voucher per client please, and only for new or returning (after 12 months) clients.
Cannot be used with other discounts and offers (e.g. 1/2 price colour, student discounts)
*Excludes the already discounted Blow-to-go, Curls-to-go & Up-to-go
Entitlement is at the Managers discretion


11 thoughts on “Are you a Voodou Virgin?

  1. Jenny

    Hi I have curly hair (not quite Afro but quite tight “ish” soft curls, currently using curls amplifier). I usually get my hair done in London as I have had trouble finding a salon that is able to cut and manage my hair into a style here in liverpool. Do you have any specialists that would be able to cut and style my hair?


    1. Sally

      Hi Jenny

      Yes we do have stylists who have cut tight curls and Afro hair, if you would like to book in for a free consultation to discuss hair styles and talk with one of our stylist face to face please do call 0844 445 7889.

      Thank you

    1. Sally

      Hi Pat

      Our Voodou Virgin Discount has now finished as off yesterday, however we do offer free consultations if you would like to book in with one of hair extension specialists please call 0844 445 7889.

      Thank you


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