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Are you ready to embrace your natural curls? The team of highly-trained stylists at Voodou salons in Liverpool are the curly hair experts near you and are on hand to make sure your curls are living up to their true potential!

We are trained in the latest curly hair cutting & styling techniques and have years of experience tackling even the most unruly of curls. We will help you to understand what works best for your curls, whilst giving you a haircut and colour that suits your individual face shape, skin tone and personality.

We can also offer excellent curly hair advice, recommending the best specialist hair products that will work for you!

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Perms for Men & Women

Perms have made a BIG comeback and we're here for it! The perm hairstyle is incredibly stylish when applied correctly by professionals, and can be worn lots of different ways for both long and short hair. The perm also compliments any face shape and suits any hair colour. Plus, if you find your hair too flat and you want to add some much needed texture - a perm is a great way to inject some much volume.

Check out some of our latest perm hair makeovers below!

How To Book Your Complimentary Curly Hair Consultation

The first step towards making the most of your curls is booking a complimentary consultation at Voodou salons in Liverpool. Your stylist will have a chat with you to gain an in-depth understanding of your unique curls, hair type and lifestyle. We want to ensure that your curls get the love and attention they deserve - and look their best yet after you've left the salon!

To book your curly hair consultation, call our friendly and professional team at your nearest Voodou location or use our quick and easy online booking service.


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