NEW Privacy Room

Voodou Launch Brand New Privacy Room at Bold Street Salon

We are excited to announce the launch of a brand new private room - a relaxing space for clients seeking a more intimate experience during their salon visit.

This new space is perfect for anyone undergoing a hair replacement system service with us. We understand the sensitivity surrounding hair loss and we are committed to providing a supportive, comfortable and understanding environment. Our private room offers a sanctuary where you can feel at ease during your appointment.

The Voodou Private Room is also ideal for any clients who wear a Hijab, helping our female Muslim clients feel secure and have privacy when they are having their hair done. It will be staffed by female stylists and available for use during salon opening hours. 

Whether you are seeking a hair replacement system service or simply value privacy during your appointments, the private room offers a space where clients can feel truly cared for.

How To Request The Privacy Room 

Simply mention that you would like to have your appointment in The Privacy Room at the time of booking. We will sort the rest! To book your next appointment with us, call 0151 708 4017 opt 1 or use our quick and easy online booking service.

Where is the Private Room?

Conveniently located within our Bold St salon.

How do I book?

Mention you would like to use The Private Room at the time of booking.

Is there a cost?

There is no extra charge to use The Private Room.

''My overall experience was excellent. As a Muslim woman who wears full hijab, this salon is very accommodating, I was offered a private room where I was able to relax and get my hair done in private and not worry about unwanted men seeing me uncovered. All the girls were friendly and welcoming, but Renee was especially sweet, we had a lovely chat and she did an excellent job with my (3c) hair. Will definitely be coming again and would 10/10 recommend. Thank you!''

Take a Look Inside...

NEW Private Room at Voodou Salon Liverpool
Private Room at Voodou Salon Liverpool Barbers
Private Room at Voodou Salon Liverpool