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What Happens If I Want To Cancel My Membership?
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How Often Will I Need To Have My Perm Done?
Is a Perm Suitable For All Hair Types?
How Long Does a Perm Service Take?
How Long Should I Wait To Wash My Hair After Having a Perm?

The only difference in the subscriptions is the amount that will sit on your account each month (to go towards your appointments!). If you have your hair coloured often, for example, you may be better suited to our Premium or Super Premium Memberships.

Whilst the majority of our members LOVE this yearly discount - you can cancel your Membership, if you no longer want to be part of the Colour Club. All we ask for a minimum of 3 salon visits before you do so.

Our clients tell us we are their number one hair salon in Liverpool and we are proud to have gained a reputation for delivering the best hair cuts, creative colour & show-stopping styles. Check out our latest client reviews here.

Whilst all Voodou stylists are highly trained, some have more experience than others which is reflected in our pricing structure. If you are looking for a complex hair colour such as balayage, creative colour or even a colour correction, we recommend you book in with one of our more experienced colourists. If you are unsure, please call your local Voodou salon using the links below and we can help match the right stylist to your hair needs.

We sure do! At our hair salons in Liverpool, we firmly believe that a quality hair cut & colour comes from an in-depth consultation. During your complimentary consultation, your Voodou stylist will assess your individual hair type, condition and what you want to achieve - then build a plan of action from there.

We sure are! Our Bold Street flagship salon is open from 10am to 5pm on Sundays. Voodou Hair Salons and Barbers in Liverpool City centre have been open on Sundays for many years now in response to customer demand - our expert team of stylists are here to transform hair colours, trim beards, create long-lasting name it! Call us on 0151 708 4017 or use our secure online booking service by clicking here.

Yes most definitely! Our hair systems are like having natural hair grown from the roots, you will be able to shower and wash your hair like normal. There are a few techniques we will show you on how to wash and condition your hair.

If you are a regular swimmer that’s fine to, we will advise you on a more regular maintenance program to preserve the life of your hair system. We want to ensure that you can wear your hair system in the most natural way without having any complications, we will ask you a few questions in our consultation session to make sure we advise on how to get the best results.

No, in order for the system to fully cure, it is best to wait 24-48 hours before sweating profusely. Also it is advised not to shower for the first 24 hours after your hair replacement system is fitted.

4-6 weeks is an approximation of the time the hair system will hold. The duration of wear will depend on how you sweat and correct usage of recommended products.

Not caring for your system or following the aftercare advice given can reduce the wearing time. We can provide you with more information when you come in for your appointment with us at Voodou.

No one will know that you are wearing a hair replacement system as they are undetectable. Even close up. Our systems are made with a lace or a skin poly base. Both replicate the scalp and the hair will look as if it is growing from your own scalp.

Each hair system has an average lifespan before a replacement is required. It will depend on how well you care and look after your hair system, but typically the hair lasts around 3-5 months, some of our clients have made them last a lot longer.

All hair systems will lose hair over time, just like normal natural hair that sheds. The hair is ventilated into either a lace or skin base system so hair will shed over a period of time.

Your Voodou stylist will provide full details of how to look after your hair system including washing, conditioning and the best styling products all of which is covered in your free consultation.

No. There are no proven side effects known. The mirco-mesh is full of tiny holes so that the skin can breathe (what specifically makes dermatologists very happy), and the hair system is 100% natural.

All kinds of men's hair styles are possible with our hair systems, it is advised to have a good idea of the style you would like and have some pictures where possible to show your stylist during your appointment at Voodou.

If you wish we can order your hair system with a similar percentage of grey hair, this will create the absolute most natural look.

Looking after your hair system is extremely simple. Regular washing with tepid water is important whenever you notice the hair is dirty. It is also necessary to use conditioner to restore moisture and elasticity of your hair. Air drying is recommended, however in a hurry a warm hair dryer can be used at a distant from the hair system. Washing your hair system 1-2 times per week, more frequently if doing a lot of sport. There is no need to wash the hair every day when wearing the system.

We advise that on average you will need remove the hair system to clean and replace the adhesive bond every 4-6 weeks. If you live a fairly active lifestyle a maintenance session is recommend more frequently. Maintenance is advised to check and maintain your scalp and to re-attach your system.

We offer a maintenance plan within Voodou, which includes the removal of your hair system, a full wash & clean followed by your system being re-applied and styled.

Our hair systems are made with 100% natural human hair, which will allow you to have your system coloured or even highlighted, we would however only recommend that this be conducted within the salon salon, by a Voodou stylist that is professionally trained in hair replacement systems.

You can use products which are recommend, this will include hair sprays, gels and mousse. Try not to use products that cause build up or which give high alcohol content.

Whilst the majority of our members LOVE this yearly discount - you can cancel your Membership, if you no longer want to be part of the Colour Club. All we ask for a minimum of 3 salon visits before you do so.

Yes. In the heart of the Creative Quarter, Voodou's Bold Street salon is our largest salon, extending over three floors. Voodou’s flagship salon on Bold Street, in the heart of Liverpool city centre, provides hairdressing for both men and women. The salon is quite possibly the largest hairdressing salon in Liverpool, and without doubt the busiest. We specialise in hair colour, and our stylists are trained to the highest standard in a variety of hairdressing skills.

Yes! Our Bold Street salon, which offers hairdressing services for men and women, is open until 8pm on Thursdays. Services include hair colour, hair extensions, haircuts, blowdrys, hair treatments, gents hair cuts & colour and much more.

It's very easy to book a hair appointment at Voodou salons in Liverpool. You can call us, book online or drop us an email.

Absolutely - just because you’re on a student budget doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. At Voodou hair salons and barbers in Liverpool city centre, you can get a BIG student discount on your haircuts, hair colour and makeovers. Enjoy 50% student discount off your first visit...PLUS 20% thereafter (for any appointments over £35)!

We love this technique at Voodou salons in Liverpool! For face-framing, we use highlights to brighten the look around your face - rather than running colour throughout your hair. This is classed as sample/part foils around your face.

The money piece highlight technique allows your Voodou hair colourist to place a brighter pop of colour in the pieces of hair directly framing the face. This particular hair trend is BIG for 2022 and has swept through salons and social media feeds galore! You can stay subtle with an ultra-fine sun-kissed highlight, go bold with neon colours, or stick with a classic streak of blonde, red, black, or brown to compliment whatever shade you already have.

Sample foils are ideal if this is your first time changing your hair colour, and is great way to adding a flash of colour in a particular area such as your fringe or parting. Up to 8 foils are woven or sliced into your hair to create a dramatic or subtle look, it’s up to you. A few cleverly placed foil highlights can refresh your existing hair colour, or even help to contour your hair.

If you’re after a bit more colour, with partial foils, our colour experts can add foils, either woven or sliced, or randomly colour different sections of your hair to create a look that is unique to you. This is a great technique for adding highlights or low-lights to your hair.

With this hair colouring technique, our Voodou artists can add as many colours as you wish, creating bold rainbow hair or a natural looking dimensional colour.

The Balayage technique allows your Voodou stylist to achieve graduated, natural-looking, dimensional colour. This ‘hair painting’ colouring technique is a Voodou hair salon favourite.

If you’re after one colour all over, our stylists can apply an all-over colour to the full head, whether that be pastel pink or a deep brunette.

Did you know you can add shine to your hair using the glossing hair colouring technique? This semi-permanent hair colour contains bee’s wax, which gently conditions hair whilst adding depth to your look, whether your hair is natural or already coloured. Glossing can be used to add tone to your hair colour and even camouflage grey hair.

Inspired by the biggest makeup trend of recent years, hair contouring has arrived. Our colour specialists have had expert training on this brand new hair colour application technique. Hair contouring is applied using free hand application designed to look completely natural.

Your Voodou hair stylist can work with you to determine your face shape, then create unique shades to flatter your face shape and show off your best features, just like you would with makeup contouring. Still need to know more? Check out our blog post which can help you choose which foil hair colouring technique might be best for you. *All foils come in permanent, semi-permanent or partial colouring options.

Want to get rid of those pesky grey hairs or disguise those roots? Book in for a regrowth, which covers anything you want to hide whilst adding renewed depth and shine to keep your hair looking in great condition.

Balayage goes by many names and your Voodou colour specialist will understand exactly what you want if you mention balayage, babylights, baby balayage, root melt, root stretch, colour melt or free-hand highlights. If you've seen a look you love, show the image to your colour technician so we can adapt it perfectly for you.

During your FREE consultation, your Voodou barber will have a friendly, informal chat and answer any questions you might have about your new perm hairstyle. To book your appointment, just give us a call on 0151 708 4017 or use our quick and easy online booking service.

Maintaining a perm is very simple, which means no more blow drying, shaping and styling in front of the mirror for the perfect quiff. Just wash, spray and go! Your Voodou barber will also give you lots of top tips on how to look after your new perm hairstyle during your appointment at our award-winning Liverpool salons.

A perm will grow out gradually, approximately 1/2 an inch a month.

Perming starts at £120. Your Voodou barber will give you a precise quote after your free consultation.

Absolutely! You can have your hair coloured after having a perm service - but it may relax the curl slightly.

You will probably ready to re-perm around 3 months after your service, depending on your individual hair type.

Yes! Perms are suitable for all hair types. However we would not advise a perm for anyone with bleached or highly coloured/processed hair.

A perm hair service takes about 3 hours - but it can take a little longer for thicker/longer hair.

Ideally wait 48 hours before washing your hair.