An interview with the founder of the Hippy Club!

Hippy Club Hair

Hippy Club is a new hair extension brand that is different to any other in terms of quality, inspiration and the woman behind the brand.

In this interview with Hippy Club’s founder Ann-Louise Smith, we find out what makes Hippy Club so different to the rest.


1. How is Hippy Club different to any other hair extension brand?

Hippy Club is different to other brands on the market as it appeals to a bohemian, laid-back client as opposed to typically glamorous girls usually associated with hair extensions.

Hippy Club was created by hairdressers, meaning I know how natural hair falls and all about hair colours…Putting all of this knowledge into the brand means Hippy Club extensions are of a very high quality.

2. What inspires Hippy Club?

I’m inspired by everything creative, from music to fashion, history to travelling. I draw inspiration from everything that surrounds me. We share some of this inspiration across social media, like a virtual mood board.

3. What does Remy mean and why is it so special?

Remy means preserving the cuticles and aligning them all the same way. This creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance, meaning the wearer doesn’t even appear to be wearing extensions.

4. How can I wear Hippy hair?

Hippy hair can be worn however you want to style your hair. My personal favourite way to wear Hippy Club hair is to have it applied in salon, washed and left to dry on its own.

Hippy Club extensions dry with natural movement that is the ultimate bohemian care free look flowing effortlessly down your back. Because the hair is natural, it can be styled just as you would style your own hair.

5. How many colors and lengths are there in Hippy Club extensions?

Hippy hair is our professional range sold around the UK by official Hippy Club stockists.

These extensions come in two lengths, 18 inch and 25 inch, this is 150g and is available in 15 colours to suit everybody’s hair colour and hair type.

Hippy Hair Peace is our clip in range available in two lengths, 16 inch and 22 inch, and available in 9 colours including Afro textures.

6. Anything else you would like to say?

The quality, textures and colours in Hippy Club are extremely important to me.

I am on an incredible quest each day, to be developing my very own brand of hair extensions and products into something very special.

I have been overwhelmed by the diverse styles across our planet that inspire me every day.