Let’s Talk About Skin Testing

Important Skin Patch Testing Information at Voodou Salons in Liverpool

Skin Patch Tests for Colouring Hair at Voodou Salons in LiverpoolAt Voodou salons in Liverpool, we put your health & safety first.

That’s why we have a firm skin patch testing policy in place for any clients who fall into the following categories;

  • If you have had any allergic reactions or had covid since your last appointment.
  • If you have never visited Voodou salons before for a colour appointment. 
  • If you’ve not had colour with us in the last 6 months.

You MUST have a skin test before we colour your hair in case you have an allergic reaction that could cause you serious harm.

How Do I Get a Skin Patch Test at Voodou?

The best way of ensuring that you are allergy-free when it comes to hair colouring, is to pop into your nearest Voodou salon 48 hours prior to the application of hair colour. 

Here, you can have specific skin test done with the hair colour range that we use in our salon. This is without a doubt the safest and most efficient way of detecting any allergies that may cause damage to your skin!