Product of the week with Lois Malloy: TIGI Queen For A Day Thickening Spray

Voodou Bold Street’s Lois Malloy talks us through this week’s featured product; TIGI’s Superstar ‘Queen For A Day’ thickening spray.

“The perfect product for big, bouncy hair!” Lois tells us. Product of the week: TIGI Queen For A Day Thickening Spray

If you’ve got naturally flat hair or you’re looking to achieve the kind of height and volume that’s become a signature style amongst us Liverpool lasses then Queen For A Day is a must for your bathroom cabinet.  “It’s great for fine hair as an alternative to using mousse which can feel quite heavy on the hair.” Lois explains.  It’s a spray mist, it’s light, airy and the hair still moves in a natural way with Queen For A Day.  To get the same results with mousse can leave you with hair that’s stiff, hard and doesn’t move in the way you might want it to”.

So how do you apply it to get that big, bouncy look?

“Towel dry your hair, then section it.  Spray Queen For A Day evenly onto your roots then one last overall spray before you blow dry your hair.  The hair can be left to dry naturally but it does work best blow dried, preferably big and bouncy of course!”.

If you’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting our Lois, here she is, looking beautiful as ever and, most importantly, showing us her gorgeous brunette locks created and styled with the help of Queen For A Day.   (A Voodou personal and professional recommendation in one!).

Product of the week: TIGI Queen For A Day Thickening Spray

TIGI’s Queen For A Day thickening spray retails at £12.15 for 300ml and is available at all Voodou salons.