Voodou Supports Local Charity Fundraiser

Lyndsey Phillips, will be having her hair shaved off by Voodou’s Carol Clarke at a charity night organised to raise vital funds for Cancer Research – in honor of her mum who is battling stomach cancer.

With such an amazing act of selflessness we wanted to share Lyndsey’s story and ask that if anyone wants to help this worthwhile cause click here to visit Lyndsey’s Just Giving Page.

The fundraising charity night has been planned on 15th June 2013 at the Broadway Club, Liverpool – to raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK. Voodou’s Art Director Carol will be going along to do the head shave so if you want more information about the night email: clairep80@icloud.com.

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Lyndsey’s story in her own words…

“I was 6 when I heard my mum telling someone she had breast cancer. Mum was then only 36 years old at the time, young to develop cancer but that’s life! After a long hard battle on her hands she still continued to be the perfect mum, always putting us first. After two operations, a mastectomy and 10 years of medication she was finally given the all clear. In 2007 her second grandson, Thomas was stillborn, and my mum was my sister’s rock. Without her I don’t think my sister would have got through this terrible heartbreak of losing a child. My mum is our central rock, even her nieces and nephews come to her for advice. Without her life wouldn’t be the same.

In September 2012, our family consisting of myself; partner; son; parents; sisters and nephew went on a family holiday to Spain. Mum was really ill whilst we were on holiday, it was then we all realised that something was seriously wrong. Thinking about it now that holiday will probably be the last family holiday we have all together, and I can’t even bare to think like that but it’s true.

In June 2012, mum got taken into hospital with early stages of kidney failure as her blood counts were all up the wall. The hospital did scans and numerous test but still nothing was detected.

In December 2012, the week before Christmas we learnt of the horrific news, mum has cancer again, but this time cancer of the stomach. Thinking about it now, mum has been ill for a while and the cancer was not detected. Mum had yearly blood tests done at the Linda McCartney centre, the Royal Liverpool Hospital, where her full blood counts were coming back abnormal, but again no cancer found. Doctors told mum she had a reflux problem and gave her medication to help. My poor mum has suffered in silence for a long time probably to protect us, even though she knew deep down something was wrong. Now the tumour is to big to remove, well so the doctors say, but I will never give up hope as she’s my mum, my world my everything. The doctors gave my mum 6-12 months to live but I can’t except it and won’t except it until the day comes where I have to.

Mum started her chemotherapy on 31st December (new years eve) 2012. Even then she came home after having the horrid treatment to tell us all were having a little party in her house to celebrate the new year (nothing much to celebrate), but that was mums wishes. She’s still doing all the things mums do, cook, clean etc, she says ‘I may have cancer, but I’m not going to give up without a fight, and whilst I’m still living and able to I will carry on’. She’s such an inspirational women to me and everyone around her she really is. I think that’s where I get my inspiration from to shave my hair off and raise as much money as possible for cancer research UK, as every penny helps. Together we can fight this awful disease.

Whilst all this was going on with mum we learned dad was having tests done to determine whether or not he’s got prostate cancer. He has had scans done and a biopsy and is awaiting for a more in depth biopsy to be done at Arrowe park hospital. I don’t no what I’m going to do if he has got cancer too! Anyway I had taken my dad for his appointment for his MRI scan and when I came home, mum had shaved all her hair off. It was falling out anyway and mum was fed up with picking hair up all day. I was dreading when that day came seeing mum without her hair, she was at the hairdressers religiously every friday getting her hair done. I didn’t know how I was going to feel, so god help how mum feels? I knew mum had been crying I could see it in her eyes, how I didn’t break down I don’t no, I seemed to get the strength from somewhere for mums sake.

After 3 sessions of chemotherapy mum was able to eat a lot better again and not just mashed food, showing signs that the chemotherapy was actually working, (she loves cakes and chocolate and was delighted she could eat those things again). After completing 3 sessions of treatment her consultant arranged another session of chemo and then would arrange for her to have another MRI scan to see if the tumour had shrunk enough to be able to operate.

Unfortunately mum developed a blood clot in her lung (caused by the chemo), before she had the forth dose of chemo and she ended up in hospital. We knew mum wasn’t well on the friday and again mum being mum ‘I’m ok don’t phone the doctor I’m fine’! On the Sunday she collapsed with the pain she was in, it was heartbreaking seeing my mum in so much pain, it felt like someone was ripping my heart out. Mum spent a few days in hospital and has been put on fragmin injections daily for 6 months to thin her blood and to break the clot up. However her consultant has said there is not much more they can do for mum for 6 months until she has finished on the fragmin injections. It feels like one big waiting game at the moment for all of us especially mum.

After seeing my mum go through all this I thought to myself, ‘what can we do as a family to help make a difference and conquer this disease once and for all’. Seeing how hard it was for mum to loose her hair I thought to myself I’m going to raise money for Cancer Research UK, by doing a sponsored head shave. Mum was really upset when she knew what i was planning to do. She said to me ‘do you know how hard it is for a women to loose her hair? When I look at you with no hair I will think to myself is that really going to be my daughter in years to come, fighting cancer like I am’. She is ok with it now so I have arranged a charity night on the 15 June 2013, in the Broadway Country Club, Liverpool 11. Me, my sisters and friends of ours are also running the race for life, my mums brother is holding a darts night with his darts team and is also doing a sponsored back, sack and crack wax. A family friend is doing a sponsored tandem jump to, so hopefully together we can raise enough money to help make a difference.

So lets all get together and help make a difference and together we can fight cancer.


To donate to Lyndsey’s Just Giving Page click here.