Voodou’s Hair Dress goes on Exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool

Voodous Hair Dress goes on Exhibition at the Museum of LiverpoolThe infamous Hair Dress created by Voodou’s Ryan Edwards is now being exhibiting in the foyer of the Museum of Liverpool. 

Created by Ryan and legendary dress maker Thelma Madine, the dress is worth a staggering £50,000 and took over 300 hours to make. 250 metres of hair were hand styled and dyed by Ryan to create the dress which includes 1,500 crystals and 12 underskirts.

The dress was originally showcased at The Alternative Miss Liverpool pageant in Liverpool as part of Homotopia, where it was crowned the winner. Ryan acquired the help of Liverpool designer Thelma and her team of eight members of staff from Nico’s dress designers – famous for their role on Channel 4’s Big Fat Gipsy Wedding.

Ryan said: “When we made the dress in 2011 it was a chance for us to show our creatively and originality and it’s a fantastic feeling to see the finished product on display in the Museum of Liverpool one year later. A lot of hard work went into making it so we’re all really proud of the exhibition which takes pride of place in the foyer.”

The dress which is on exhibition to celebrate Homotopia, Liverpool’s annual festival of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender arts and culture, will stay in the Museum of Liverpool until December when it will be moved to The Walker Art Gallery.

 Voodous Hair Dress goes on Exhibition at the Museum of Liverpool