Voodou’s Student Guide To Hair…

Between late night partying and 9am lectures, sometimes being a student can be a bit gross. Your shower is weak and someone’s always stealing your shampoo, so here’s how to keep your hair looking fresh even when you’re skint and running late for your lectures.

1. Try Simple Styles

We’ve all been there; you had one too many the night before (either one too many drinks or one too many episodes on Netflix) and slept through your alarm and now you have 15 minutes before that really important assignment briefing. Don’t stress, there are super simple styles to try when you’re in a hurry; mini braids or a simple topknot will take less time than it takes to brush your teeth.

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2. Dry Shampoo Is Your New Best Friend!

Dry shampoo is nothing short of a lifesaver. If your roots are looking greasier than last night’s takeaway, spray on a little dry shampoo and make sure to rub it in with your fingers, unless you’re going for the greying roots look, in which case, own it. This will keep you looking clean but still with an intentionally messy style.

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3. Use Less Product

A common bad habit is squeezing half the bottle of shampoo or conditioner onto your hand to make sure your hair is looking squeaky clean, but did you know the recommended amount of shampoo is a circle of about 2.5cm? Stick to these measurements and in the long run you’ll save yourself a couple of quid.

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4. Make The Most Of Student Discount!

While you can save yourself some pennies in most shops with your student ID, a lot of people don’t know this discount also applied to getting your hair done. At Voodou we offer 20% student discount all year long and if you’re a new client, you get your first appointment half price. Just because you’re a student doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the hair care.


5. Save Time And Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

Around deadline season you’ll probably feel as if you have a million and one things to do and the chore of washing, drying and styling your hair just isn’t a priority. But looking after your hair doesn’t mean you have to push back that essay writing, why not have a quick shower and let your hair dry naturally for once? If you’re blessed with naturally curly or straight hair you can spritz on a bit of anti-frizz and get on with your work, or if your natural look is somewhere in between, twist your hair whilst it’s still damp and take it out in the morning for perfect beach waves.