Liverpool, My City – A Word from Rob

Voodou Owner Rob Webb Reflects on Life in Liverpool

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Here, Voodou's owner and managing director, Rob Webb, reflects on the rich cultural hub that is Liverpool. A city filled with diversity and creativity, Liverpool is a melting pot of history, culture, and uniqueness. We're delighted to run Voodou in a city filled with such creativity and innovation. 

My City  

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In the heart of Liverpool, there really is a diverse blend of rich history and contemporary culture. 
It's a place where Scouse warmth meets a dynamic fashion scene and a dynamic health and beauty industry 
that has successfully positioned itself as a destination to be inspired by. It’s also an industry that we’ve 
been a part of for nearly 50 years.  
Liverpool's allure extends far beyond its famous landmarks and bustling streets; it's a city that’s 
crammed with creativity and innovation everywhere you look.    
Here, tradition blends seamlessly with never-ending upcoming trends, resulting in a landscape that 
reflects the diverse tapestry of its inhabitants. You just have to look out of our Bold Street window on 
any day of the week to see just how fabulous that variety is.  
At the forefront of this movement are establishments like us at Voodou. With deep roots in Liverpool's 
health and beauty scene (no pun intended), we represent more than just a salon; we see ourselves as 
a testament to the city's commitment to self-expression and individuality. It’s a quality that runs 
through the core of every member of our team.  

What truly sets Liverpool apart is its inclusivity and it’s this sense of acceptance and belonging that 
permeates every corner of the city, creating a haven where differences are celebrated. 
From the iconic waterfront to the hidden gems tucked away in its neighbourhoods, the city knows no 
bounds. We’re proud to be based in a place where creativity knows no limits, and where every street 
corner tells a story waiting to be discovered. 
As we celebrate Liverpool's enduring legacy in the realm of health, beauty and fashion, let us not 
forget the countless individuals and establishments that contribute to its vibrant tapestry.  
Together, they weave a narrative of resilience, innovation, and above all, a profound love for this 
extraordinary city we call home. 

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