Am I Too Old For Hair Extensions?

Transform Fine Hair with Hair Extensions at Voodou Hair Salons in Liverpool

Do you have thin or fine hair? Have you always longed for thick hair? Whether you’re 25 or 65 – you’re never too old to freshen up your hair! Hair Extensions at Voodou Salons in Liverpool aren’t just for younger girls wanting ultra-long hair. They can add volume and disguise hair loss for men and women of all ages.

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The Best Hair Extensions For Women With Thinning Hair

If you have always had naturally fine hair, have lost some hair due to breakage, or it’s growing back after an illness, then you may want to consider hair extensions to make your hair look thicker.  Your first step is to book in for a consultation at your local Voodou salon so we can assess your hair and discuss your needs and what can realistically be achieved.  

Hair Extensions for Middle-Aged Women

Gone are the days when hair extensions were just for young women desiring longer hair. Hair extensions are also fabulous for middle-aged or older women who have fine hair and want more volume!  Today’s hair extensions are discreet and remarkably low maintenance so well worth considering if you are fed up with hair that lacks volume and density.

We have several different hair extensions brands that you can choose from – including or very own in-house Celebrity hair extension guru, Dianne Marshall. We’re currently offering 10% OFF hair extensions for New Clients. Click here for more information. 

All Voodou hair extensions are top-grade human hair which we can colour-match to your hair colour, fit to any length and to compliment your hair type and texture. These are also light-weight options for your hair, which means they will not drag your hair down and cause damage to the hair or scalp.  

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Book Your Hair Extensions Consultation at Voodou Hair Salons in Liverpool

Please book in for a hair extensions consultation so we can assess your hair and your needs.  We want to make sure we choose the perfect hair extensions for you – matching the colour, texture and type to your own hair to give you the desired results.  Book your appointment by calling the salon on 0151 708 4017 or by using the pop up button.