Balayage Hair Colour at the Voodou Salons – Liverpool


balayage-liverpool A massive Liverpool hair colour trend and featured in the pages of our favourite hair magazines, Balayage hair is still one of the biggest hair trends.

Balayage is a hair colouring technique which involves painting on a sun kissed hair colour to create graduated, natural looking highlights.

With Balayage, you can create your own bespoke hair colour, whether it be a subtle balayage on blonde hair or an on trend copper balayage. You could even go for something a little different, like a pink balayage.

Voodou Liverpool hair salons are famous for their bold hairstyles and on-trend hair colours, after all.


If you’re considering getting balayage hair and want to know more, check out the full range of services for hair colouring at the best hair salons in Liverpool.

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balayage-versus-ombre-liverpoolYes! Balayage hair suits everyone, as it is a completely unique hair colouring process that creates a bespoke hair colour designed to suit you.

Nobody walks out of Voodou Liverpool hair salons with a carbon copy hairstyle, as our colour specialist hairdressers work with you to create a look suited to your personal style.

Balayage can work on blonde hair, brown hair, red hair, you name it. You can have a balayage bob or a mid-length balayage, or even if you have long length princess hair. Popular balayage trends are ash blonde balayage and caramel balayage hair, which you can see more of on the Voodou Liverpool Instagram.

Left: balayage on brunette hair. Right: blonde balayage at Voodou Liverpool


balayage-versus-ombre-liverpool-2Balayage vs Ombre is a hot debate in the hair industry right now, and with new hair colouring techniques and hair trends emerging all the time, it can be a little confusing, so let’s break it down.

A typical ombre hair colour involves the top of your hair fading into a lighter shade at the tips, for example, brunette to blonde ombre. Whereas balayage hair creates a more graduated, natural looking hair colour, with dimensional highlights which are hand painted onto the hair.

See the difference between balayage and ombre and if you’re still unsure which hair colouring technique is right for you, why not use our helpful hair colour guide to help you pick the right hair colouring service at Voodou Liverpool.

Left: ombre hair. Right: balayage at Voodou Liverpool


The key to balayage is the freehand colouring technique involved, where your colour specialist hairstylist paints on your bespoke hair colour to create a natural looking hair colour that is unique to you. Of course, each client’s hair is different, and damaged hair can require some treatments before the balayage can take full effect. The balayage hair colouring process involves lifting, toning and colouring, but the healthier your hair, the quicker and easier the balayage process will be.

If you’re thinking, ‘how healthy is my hair?’, don’t be afraid to book a free consultation with one of the Voodou Liverpool hair colour specialists, who will be able to talk you through the balayage process and advise you on your bespoke hair colour. You can book a free consultation at Voodou hair salons by giving us a call on 0151 708 4017 or using our online booking form.

But how do I keep my hair colour from fading? At Voodou hair salons in Liverpool, you can find the best shampoo and conditioner for coloured hair as well as many other Redken hair products to help you maintain your hair colour, available to buy in Voodou Liverpool hair salons. At Voodou, the best hairdressers in Liverpool are available to provide haircare advice on how to look after coloured hair and make hair colour last longer.