A visit to Voodou: Frankie Sandford inspired style

A visit to Voodou: Frankie Sandford inspired style

Turning 13. Do you remember it? Those ‘Kevin’ days where life was about being moody, spotty, confused and generally starting to become a lot of a rebel. It’s a time when you want to make your own stamp on the world and a time when lots and lots of young girls really want to take control of all aspects of their lives – especially their hair. Hands up if at 13 you dyed, cut, shaved, permed, chemically straightened or even cut a fringe on your own bonce. My hands are firmly reaching for the sky here. I remember being 13, at a sleepover and taking an uncovered Ladyshave to the back of my head to look cool in front of my mates. I was grounded for a month as my Mum wept and wept at the complete mess I’d made. You see, at 13 I, like the rest of the female teenage population felt completely grown up but my Mum still saw me as her baby and the memories of plaits, ribbons, bows and spending hours in the bath detangling my baby curls were fresh in her mind.

So, when 13 year old Lucy and her Mum made their first visit to Voodou recently we had to ask Mum twice whether she was 100% happy with the new style Lucy was desperate to achieve. She wanted to change her very long locks and her style, drastically! Frankie Sandford from the Saturdays was the inspiration for Lucy’s new cut. So, both Lucy and her Mum trusting us with this task made us very proud and humbled.

Our Jamie with his new blue hue was the brains and the hands behind the new cut and style. His expert cutting skills and patience allowed for Lucy to go gradually shorter and shorter, making sure both she and Mum were OK and calm at every stage as Jamie cut higher and higher and more and more hair fell to the floor.

A short while later, 13 years of a Rapunzel-esque brunette barnet had transformed into a gorgeous, grown up and sophisticated shaggy crop.

Both Lucy and her Mum were delighted and we breathed a sigh of relief and a smile of pride as a very very happy teenager walked out with her head held high, feeling and looking older than her delicate teenage years.