How To Blow Dry Your Hair At Home

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial On How To Blow Dry Your Hair At Home from Voodou Hair Salons in Liverpool

Have you ever tried to recreate that fresh, bouncy blow dry feeling you get when you leave the salon, but no matter how hard you try, you don’t get quite the same feeling when you try to recreate your blow dry at home? At Voodou hair salons in Liverpool, we’ve got your back.

One of our Voodou hair experts, Liam (from our Bold Street hair salon in Liverpool city centre) shows us how to blow dry hair at home with this step-by-step tutorial on how to blow dry your own hair:

Step-By-Step Video How To Blowdry Your Hair at Home

1- Apply Redken Hot Sets thermal setting mist to hair, followed by Redken Windblown spray

2- Work Redken Outshine anti-frizz into hands and apply through twisted hair

3- Create section patterns to make your hair more manageable

4- Clip parts of hair that you aren’t working on just yet up and out of the way

5- Place rounded brush underneath the section hair you’re working on first

6- Pull the brush and hairdryer along the length of the hair

7- Hold the brush in place near the ends of your hair and continue to blow dry to give a soft curl

8- Unravel the hair gently from around the brush to see your blown out result

9- Repeat steps 5-8 on the remaining sections of hair

10- Finish off by spritzing Redken Wax Blast high impact finishing spray-wax all over your hair, tousling as you go to create a more natural look.

So now you know how to do a bouncy blow dry at home using these simple steps. If you want to learn more about how to blow dry hair at home, come to our our Bold Street hair salon in Liverpool and speak to one of our Voodou hair experts.

In our Liverpool hair salons, you can find the Redken hair products Liam used, available to buy in our Liverpool hairdressers. If you’re unsure of which hair product is best for you, don’t be shy, ask a member of the Voodou team and we’ll be happy to help you with any hair dilemma!

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