How to Get Beach Waves: Beach Hair at Home

How to Get Beach Waves: Voodou Liverpool Hairdressers Share How to Get Beach Hair at Home

How to Get Beach Waves at Home: the Perfect Beach Hair with Voodou Hair Salons in Liverpool

Beach waves have to be the ultimate summer hairstyle, with beach hair coming back in trend year after year. Here at Voodou hair salons in Liverpool, we love a good beach hair babe, but we know it’s not always easy to achieve beach waves at home, especially if you’re not swimming around in salt water and chilling in the sun all day. That’s why we’re showing you how to get beach hair at home with the best hair products for beach hair and tips from the best hairdressers in Liverpool.

The Best Beach Hair Spray and Hair Products available at Voodou Liverpool Salons for Beach Waves

how to get beach hair at home with voodou liverpool hair salons

The best beach waves are achieved by swimming in the ocean all day, but let’s face it, that’s not always an option. Plus, saltwater isn’t all that good for your hair. Luckily, with Redken products available at Voodou Liverpool salons, we’ve got the secret to creating beach waves at home whilst keeping your hair healthy. The Redken beach envy range is a Voodou Liverpool hair salon favourite, designed to mimic saltwater waves that will have everyone thinking you’ve spent all morning at the beach when in fact you’ve rolled out of bed and spent 2 minutes on your hair. Genius.

If you’re after a longer term beach hair vibe, try Redken’s new NBD hair care range, which gives you perfect beach waves without the effort (and without the blow dry). NBD stands for ‘No blow dry? No big deal‘, meaning you put a bit of this NBD cream in your hair once its wet and violà, effortless beach waves once its dry. Read more about Redken hair products at Voodou in our festival hair ideas 2017 blog post.

Another key to perfect beach waves is volume. You might think the only way to achieve volume is with a bit of backcombing or a blow dry, but dry shampoo does just the trick. At Voodou Liverpool salons, you can find Hippy Club’s naked hippy invisible dry shampoo (two bottles for just £5 by the way!) which will help keep your hair looking beach ready for longer.

Beach Hairstyles 2017: Wavy Hair, Ombre Hair and More at Voodou Liverpool Hair Salons

choppy beach hairstyle 2017  balayage at voodou liverpool hair salon braids at voodou liverpool hair salon

Being at the beach is all about taking it easy, so try not to stress about how perfect your hair looks. The key to the best beach hairstyles is all in the preparation; your colour, your cut and your hair care.

Want choppy, effortless waves? Ask your hairstylist at Voodou Liverpool hair salons for layers for a cool girl look.

Want easy, breezy blonde hair? Try balayage or ombre at our hair colour specialist hair salon in Liverpool city centre. Ombre hair with a bikini on a sandy beach makes for the perfect Instagram shot.

Want an easy summer hairstyle that will keep you cool on the beach? Try a bun or a braid. Get lots of summer hairstyle ideas on the Voodou Liverpool Instagram and keep an eye out for our video guide on how to braid your own hair on the Voodou Liverpool Facebook page.

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