How To Get Selfie-Worthy Hair

Step Up Your Selfie Game With The Help Of Voodou Hair Salons in Liverpool

Step Up Your Selfie Game - Voodou Hair Salons in LiverpoolIn a world of selfies and snaps, no one has time to deal with boring, lifeless locks! As any Instagram beauty guru can tell you – textured, glossy waves are a social media staple.

You literally can’t open your news feed without seeing a photo of this signature selfie hairstyle! It’s a model-off-duty look that almost any hair type can pull off. We can’t get enough of this look at our hair salons in Liverpool – so we thought we would share the love and give some top tips on how to recreate this bang-on-trend look at home.

So, without further ado, here are the top five tips to create soft, textured waves that are perfect for your next Instagram post from Voodou salons in Liverpool.

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1. Start With A Gloss

best hair salon liverpoolEnhancing your hair’s natural shine shouldn’t come from a filter. Get selfie-worthy shine by asking your Voodou stylist for a gloss service. This gentle demi-permanent hair colour will boost your hair’s natural hue while adding glossy shine. Find out more about hair colour services at Voodou by clicking here. Did you know? We offer a MASSIVE 50% OFF all hair colour services with our Half Price Colour Days offer.








2. Heat Up Your Style

hair salons in Liverpool city centreDon’t wake up with flawlessly tousled waves? Neither do the rest of us. For the days that your hair is looking less than selfie-worthy, grab a hot tool like a curling wand to create easy undone waves. Don’t try to create perfect waves – the more you vary the size of the waves, the more natural it will look. Take a mix of large and small sections, or use two different size curling wands for super natural texture.

At Voodou hair salons in Liverpool, we stock the best professional styling tools from leading brands like GHD. Check out the brand new collection from Lulu Guinness – available now at all salons!



3. Add Beachy Texture

Step Up Your Selfie Game - Voodou Hair Salons in LiverpoolAn essential part of selfie-worthy strands is that messy, effortless texture. Give your waves more grit and dimension by using Beach Envy Wave Aid on damp strand – available to buy now at our award-winning salons in Liverpool. Simply spritz throughout your ends and scrunch upwards to enhance your hair’s natural texture. Ask your Voodou Stylist to demonstrate during your next appointment.





4. Blow Them Away With Windblown Style

Step Up Your Selfie Game - Voodou Hair Salons in LiverpoolLove the look of your hair after coming in on a windy day? Use the award-winning Wind Blown 05 Dry Finishing Spray. This volumizing and texturizing dry hairspray creates an airy texture and windswept effect. It’s selfie-worthy hair, bottled!








5. Accessorise!

Step Up Your Selfie Game - Voodou Hair Salons in LiverpoolNothing steps up your hair game quite like a good accessory. Take your strands to the next level by donning cool-girl accessories like metallic chain headpieces or edgy, fashion-forward barrettes. Both are guaranteed to give your style some extra selfie appeal. Voilà – gorgeous, selfie-ready hair! No filter needed.










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