Meet the Voodou Generation of Grandmother, Mother and Daughter…

The Voodou Generation

Meet Grandmother Maureen, Mother Sarah, and Grandaughter Beth

Maureen and Sarah are Vicky customers and Beth has her hair cut by Ro!!!!

This fabulous family are Voodou through and through with Mother Sarah wanting to make sure she looked ultra fab before the birth of her lovely daughter Beth.  Less than 24 hours before due to giving birth Sarah came to Voodu to get her hair done. Robbie’s comments are still famous to this day with him say he will be getting the hot water ready as he already had plenty of towels in this shop!!!!

We thought we would interview this fabulous group of Ladies just in time for Mother’s Day, here is what they said….

What does coming to Voodou mean to you?

Coming to Voodou is like meeting up with friends and family to get our hair done.  I have been a Voodou customer for over 25 years and my daughter followed me and now my granddaughter gets her hair cut there too!!!  Beth has been coming to Voodou with us since she was 4weeks old and is really at home there – she knows all of the stylists by name. So much so that she ‘plays Voodou’ at home doing hair – she is Vicky and her mum is Frankie. Saying things like ‘do you want a treatment today’ to her ‘customer’ and ‘pass me the mirror please Frankie’ to her mum!!!! It’s great going to Voodou – Everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  It’s not just a hair cut or style visit it’s like we’re part of the family!  From the staff on the desk (Steph and Paul, Orla, Louise and Michelle) to the stylists (too many to mention) and the trainees everyone is so friendly and welcoming.  It’s a fun place to go but so professional, putting the customer first at all times. We always get a big hug from Robbie when we see him too.

Which is your tipple of choice whilst getting treatments an afternoon glass of something or a cup tea? 

Mum always has a lovely milky coffee (with the odd glass of wine!) daughter has a cup of tea (again with the odd glass of wine) and Beth has a cup of water from the water machine -she loves pouring her own glass (and one for everyone else!!!) I think she empties the water machine on a weekly basis!!!

How do you keep your hair looking styled on a daily basis?

Maureen uses a hot brush to keep hair styled and keep the curly blow effect – but after a visit to Vicky her hair stays fab for a couple of days.  Sarah keeps hers looking good with a bit of back combing only!!!  Beth’s looks fab as the cut is so good.  

Describe Voodou in three words?

Professional, fun, welcoming

What would be your ideal Mother’s Day?

Getting together as a family to share gifts and have a nice lunch.

Have you passed on any beauty and hair tips over the years?

Often pass on tips picked up in Voodou to friends and family.

How does a great haircut make you feel?

Makes me feel fab – a great haircut makes everything else look right.  If my hairs not right I don’t feel right regardless of what I’m wearing or how fab the clothes.  I have been known in the past to cancel a night out if my hair wasn’t right!!!

What is the best treatment you have had at Voodou?

Maureen often has the intense hair treatments which are fab from the application at the back wash with the lovely relaxing head massage to the way the hair feels afterwards.. Sarah has the moroccan oil which makes her hair feel fab.  

We hope you all enjoy pampering your Mum or that inspirational Mother Figure in your life, from the Voodou Team X