Graduation and Prom Hairstyles

Graduation and Prom Hair Ideas and Tips from Voodou, Liverpool

Proms and graduations are the final celebration of your time at school, college or university so getting the right hairstyle to go with your dress is important. Finding the perfect prom or graduation hairstyle is all about getting a look that will complement your dress, whatever look you go for and Voodou, Liverpool hairdressers have got a gorgeous range to choose from.

The stylists from Voodou Liverpool salons have put together their favourite graduation and prom hairstyles  and which looks they think are best suited to the different styles of prom and graduation dresses.

The graduation and prom hairstyles included in this gallery are taken from our Snapped in the Salon album which means our stylists have taken photos on their mobiles without any fancy lighting or Photoshop effects – and all images are 100% genuine examples of their amazing work.

Graduation and Prom Curls from Voodou, Liverpool

Curls are one of the most popular hairstyles for proms and graduations because they compliment all looks. Whether you go for big bouncy curls or waves for your graduation, or the more sophisticated corkscrew or spiral curls to match your prom dress, Voodou Liverpool love curly hair for formal events.

Curls for graduation and prom dresses are gorgeous and will suit any length, style and neckline. A prom or graduation dress with a low back will look gorgeous with long curly hair and short curly hair is an amazing look for a halterneck prom or graduation gown.

Voodou Liverpool’s Curls-2-Go service is ideal for proms and graduations and is from just £22.

Graduation and Prom Up-styles from Voodou, Liverpool

Sophisticated up-styles are an amazing choice of hairstyle for proms and graduations. No matter what your hair colour an up-do will look classy and stylish with any type of prom or graduation gown. The stylists at Voodou Liverpool are experts in up-styles and will work with you to create a hairstyle that will perfectly match your graduation or prom dress.

Teaming an up-style with a graduation and prom dress can complete your look and depending on how simple or fancy your ball gown is, our stylists can customise the perfect prom or graduation hairstyle for you.

Voodou Liverpool’s Up-2-Go service is perfect for graduations and proms and is from just £22.

Graduation and Prom Curly Blow Dries from Voodou, Liverpool

The curly blow dry is a classic  hairstyle for proms and graduations. A dress with lots of intricate detailing or a range of colours will suit a simple yet stylish curly blow dry. To add a bit of extra special detail for your prom or graduation hairstyle why not add in a vintage hair clip or braid?

The stylists at Voodou Liverpool love curly blow dries and especially love doing them for weddings, proms and graduations. If you have a strapless or boob-tube prom or graduation dress a curly blow dry is a brilliant choice of hairstyle.

A curly blow dry is available from Voodou Liverpool’s Blo-2-Go service and is a perfect choice of graduation and prom hairstyles – at just £22.

Graduation and Prom Hair at Voodou, Liverpool

If you need help deciding on the perfect graduation or prom hairstyle, then why not get in touch with the stylists at Voodou Liverpool by booking in for a free one to one consultation. Give our hairdressers in Liverpool a call today on 0151 708 4017 and if you would like a prom or graduation hair appointment you can book online here.

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