Have you Bonded Yet? Redken pH Bonder: How to Lighten Hair without Damage

Redken pH Bonder Has Arrived at Voodou Liverpool Hair Salons

As Redken’s flagship Liverpool stockist, Voodou is proud to stock the latest and greatest Redken hair products. One of Redken’s biggest hits from the last few months is pH bonder, which is a revolutionary hair product designed to protect your hair from colour damage. The colour specialist hairstylists at Voodou salons in Liverpool are all on the pH bonder hype and ready to share just what’s so great about it. 

What is pH Bonder for? Voodou Hair Salons Explain how to Lighten Hair without Damage

Redken pH bonder is designed to help protect the bonds in your hair which can become damaged in the hair colouring process, especially when bleaching your hair. Voodou stylist Alison says to think of it like insurance, especially if going lighter, meaning you don’t have to be scared of colouring your hair anymore! With pH bonder by Redken, you no longer have to choose between lighter hair and shiny hair, there’s no compromise. Using pH bonder prevents breakage by keeping fibres strong from within whilst smoothing the hair’s cuticle, which improves shine, strength and softness. All of which sound pretty important for your hair, right? The hairstylists at Voodou Liverpool hair salons, AKA the best hairdressers in Liverpool, tell us why they’re bonding with Redken pH bonder and how they use it to lighten hair without damage:

How to Use Redken pH Bonder 

The hairstylists at Voodou hair salons in Liverpool apply pH bonder treatment to your hair during your hair colour appointment at Voodou, first by adding the bond-protecting additive to the formula. Then, once your hair is processed and rinsed, the stylists at Voodou Liverpool hairdressers apply fibre restorative pre-wash concentrate, which is left on your hair as a treatment. Plus, you can purchase your Redken pH bonder treatment to use at home to help bond further, maintaining your hair’s natural pH balance, which is essential for hair health and protecting against further hair damage. Voodou hairstylist at our Bold Street colour specialist salon recommends using this once a week before shampooing.

Where Can I Get pH Bonder by Redken in a Hairdressers Near Me?

If you want to find out more about Redken hair care, don’t be shy, pop into our Bold Street colour specialist hair salon in Liverpool city centre, Liverpool. Our team of expert stylists are ready to bond, and will be happy to give you some free hair advice. You can also buy your pH bonder at-home treatment whilst stocking up on your favourite Redken shampoo and conditioner, too.

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So, have you bonded yet?