The Benefits Of A Voodou Blowdry Bundle

Voodou Salons In Liverpool Explain Why You Need A Blow Dry Bundle In Your Life…

How often do you come into your nearest Voodou salon to get a blow-dry? There are SO many benefits to having your hair blow-dried regularly. Regular salon blow-dries are relaxing, longer-lasting and can result in healthier hair!

That’s why we offer our fabulous Blow Dry Bundles which give you more blow-dries…whilst SAVING money!

  • Buy 4 Get 1 FREE = £108
  • Buy 10 Get 3 FREE = £270 (Slice in 3 with Klarna option available)
  • Buy 20 Get 7 FREE = £540 (Slice in 3 with Klarna option available)
  • Buy 40 Get 15 FREE = £1080 (Slice in 3 with Klarna option available)

Here, we countdown the reasons why you need a Voodou Blow Dry Bundle in your life…

Blowdry Bundles at Voodou Salons Liverpool1. Healthier Hair Is Yours!

Regular salon blow-dries are a great way to avoid damage and maintain the overall health of your hair.

2. The Feel Good Factor

A Voodou salon blowdry can make you feel like new, no matter what your day has brought. It gives you that fresh, pulled-together look that we are all aiming for – no matter what else has gone on in your day!

3. A Salon Blow Dry Can Last Up To A Week

With professional hands blow-drying your hair (whilst using the best professional hair products) – you get a lot longer out of your blowdry.

4. It’s Relaxing!

Having someone else do your hair for you whilst you sit back and relax with a coffee (or a Voodou cocktail!) can turn even the worst of days around. Oh, did we mention? You will also get a dreamy head massage at the backwash. Yes, please!