The Shadow Root is One of the Biggest 2017 Hair Trends

Hair Colour at Voodou Liverpool: The Shadow Root Trend

Roots are often a burden to some and the idea of the maintenance of roots can even put some people off the idea of colour their hair in the first place. What if we were to tell you that there is a hair trend that has changed the reputation of the dreaded roots?!

We have noticed an increase in clients embracing their roots here at Voodou Liverpool with the Shadow Root Trend.  The Shadow Root Trend has created a new outlook on roots. However, for the perfect shadow root we do advise that you leave this method of hair colouring to the professionals. 

The Shadow Root Trend has been described as ‘the lazy girls hair colouring hack’ and truth be told anything that can make our lives easier is always a good idea – especially if it can solve any root related hair problems!

The Shadow Root Trend at Voodou Liverpool
Before and after shadow root results by #VoodouWez

The Shadow Root Process

To put it simply, the Shadow Root process is a root stretching technique to blend out the natural colour of the root. 

First of all, colour is painted on as it would normally be for a regular touch up to the roots, the hair is then sectioned the same way as it would be during a balayage service so that the root colour is then stretched from a quarter or even half way down the hair to ensure no obvious regrowth line this allows for the hair to still look blended and natural months later.

Watch #VoodouWez Creating the Perfect Shadow Root

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