2015 Hair Trends

2015 Hair Trends from Voodou, Liverpool

How should we be wearing our hair in 2015? Here, we predict the hottest hair trends to keep you looking fabulous and bang on-trend in 2015. At Voodou Hair Salons in Liverpool, our hair stylists and colour specialists are trained to the highest standards to deliver the perfect hairstyle for you.

If you see a particular hairstyle you’d like to try, why not give our Liverpool Hairdressers a call on 0151 708 4017 and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help! Don’t forget – you can always use our secure online booking service here if you are pressed for time. So, what are the hottest hair trends for 2015?

2015 Hair Trend | 1970’s Style Feathered Fringes

REDKEN-1970s-inspired-fringeFeathered fringes are making a comeback in 2015 as we take our inspiration from the 1970’s. A seventies-inspired fringe which is cut shorter in the front and tapered at the sides looks effortlessly casual. Channel the gorgeousness of Brigitte Bardot during her heyday for an on-trend hairstyle in 2015.








2015 Hair Trend | Messy Waves and Bed-head Tresses

boho-8Yes, you heard right. 2015 is the year for messy bed-head hair! We can now just roll out of bed, run our hands through our hair (and a bit of texturising product) and we’re ready for whatever the day has in store! Of course, for your hairstyle to look great you will need a superb haircut, which is where we come in!

It’s time to work with your hair’s natural texture and volume with a hairstyle that looks casual, natural and a bit messy. If you have naturally curly hair, enjoy the volume that comes with wavy hair and embrace your curls.

Hair Trend | Short Hair Cuts with a Difference

We’ve mentioned ‘bedhead hair’ and this is the look you should be trying to achieve with your short hair style too. Ask for a blunt short bob and then use the right hair products to give it some texture and movement. We love Coco Rocha’s short blunt bob which is softened by being less ‘styled’ and with a less blunt fringe Cameron Diaz opts for a blunt bob but softens it with a longer 1970’s-style fringe, while Michelle Williams really suits her short pixie cut.

2015 Hair Trend | Casual Braids & Plaits


REDKEN-halo-braidBraids and plaits will continue to be popular during 2015. It seems we’re all having more fun with our hair so push the boundaries when it comes to your hair. Try plaits on top of plaits by wrapping two sections around a central plait, then pull out some strands for a tousled look.

Or opt for a low side parting and plait your hair to one side with a basic plait or fishtail. You could even try winding your plait into a bun and pinning it low at the nape of your neck. The same goes for ponytails. Why not use several bands and create one or more loops?






Men’s Hair Trends for 2015

17Men are paying more attention to their hair than ever before so don’t get stuck in a rut with your hairstyle. Change it up every now and then by creating subtle changes to your style. Try a low side parting or run some texturising products through your hair for a cool, messed-up look.Quiffs remain firm favourites for 2015 and can be worn slicked back and smart or casual and a bit messy – depending on the look you want to achieve.

Long hair for men is making a comeback but it has to be neat, tidy and clean. Don’t shy away from tying your hair back either if you want a more professional look but opt for a top knot. Beards continue to divide opinion but there is no doubt that a well maintained full beard is a strong trend for 2015.