A Guy’s Guide To Hairspray

Last Week

Before I fill you in on the goings on in the salon this week, there are a few things I need to fill you in on from last week’s blog. Gaz’s set, with his band the Verdict, went down a treat at the Matthew St Festival (links and pictures from the event can be found on the band’s Twitter page @TheVerdictlive). But that’s about the only thing that went down well at the Matthew St Festival as the bad weather caused the council to call the 2nd day off!

A Guys Guide To Hairspray


The Bad weather leads me onto the next update, Jess’ trip to Creamfields! Sadly the venue was more of a mess than she was, and the rain again put a downer on bank holiday events! She did however state that Alesso was, and I quote, “unreal” – apparently she knows his set off by heart now! Can’t have been all bad at Daresbury then?! It was however all bad in Stockport were my team……..well let’s just say the less said about that day the better!

A Guys Guide To Hairspray


Last week we were award BEST ONLINE SALON by Creative Head Magazine! The whole team is made up with the award which we can add to our trophy cabinet!


Our gents are always telling us that they love how their hair looks when they leave the salon for a night out – mainly because it lasts throughout the night. Well as much as I’d like to say our stylists just have a magic touch, the answer is really quite simple – HAIRSPRAY!!!!!!

Yes guys hairspray is no longer the stuff your Mrs makes you choke on when she’s doing her hair. It’s also that bit of magic that’s going to make sure your hair looks no different from when you left the house – to when you’re crawling through it in the early hours of the morning.

A Guys Guide To Hairspray


Sebastian’s Shaper Fierce, is a strong hold hairspray that’s sets hard but is surprisingly light and leaves your hair looking grease free! This Sebastian spray costs £15 but it is HUGE, so it should be lasting at least couple of months on the average blokes hair.

Next time you’re in the salon, ask your stylist about hairspray, and let them show you how to use it effectively.

The Team

Sadly this week there are no festival appearances or gigs to tell you about, however our senior stylists Ashley and Gaz are jetting off to sunnier climates on their holidays. Have fun!

Things to keep an eye out for…

Our salon is having a completely new shop front fitted this weekend!! So in the interest of health and safety make sure you notice that the front door is being moved and replaced by a window! (Voodou can not be held responsible for stylists laughing at people who attempt to walk into the glass!)

A Guys Guide To Hairspray


Finally the Voodou app is almost ready for iPhone and Android users to download. Watch this space for updates (no pun intended).

A Guys Guide To Hairspray






Well that’s all from Voodou 4 Him this week, hopefully you’ll be back for next week’s blog