A Year Behind the Wizard’s Curtain

So most of you reading this may not know me, once described as the “face behind the fingers” of Facebook and Twitter, myself and a few others have been responsible for Voodou’s online presence for the last year and a bit.

I think when I first started working for Voodou I might have underestimated them, taking for granted the awesome power that this hair dressing salon has and only seeing it for the basic; the colourful characters behind the scissors, being oh so very scouse and oh so very cheeky. And boy, was I in for a shock.

When I started working for Voodou i’ll be honest, I was a bit scared of the stylists. They’re strong individuals by themselves but together they’re like a pack and they’re armed with sharp utensils and terrifying.

Turns out however that once get talking to them, and god knows it’s inevitable, they’re actually all rather selfless. Don’t get me wrong they’re not perfect, who is? But i do know that they’ll go out of their way to make you smile and leave the salon impressed.

Most cynics would readily believe that a hair salon is strictly about vanity and being a cynic at heart i know this is the case for most, but having entered the belly of the beast to my astonishment it’s not just about looks. Stylists are told from the very beginning that this is about more than just making someone look good. In fact, Voodou’s leader and father figure, Rob goes out of his way to instil an ethos built on stylists getting to know their clients before they even touch their head.

I can hear your eyes rolling from here cynics but let me assure you that everything i say is true and no one is a better case in point than me. As a slightly ridiculous character i’ve always liked the idea of standing out and being an individual, but the execution hasn’t always gone to plan.

At 18 i decided to begin adulthood responsibly and creatively by chopping all my hair off and dying it bright white.


A Year Behind the Wizards Curtain
I’m not sure where the hair begins and my skin ends..it’s all so pale!









A Year Behind the Wizards Curtain
The silly glasses came free with the hair cut to cover the shabby bob











A Year Behind the Wizards Curtain
Poor Amy never looked worse










A Year Behind the Wizards Curtain
The moustache distracts from my EVIL hair right? RIGHT?












so you get the picture, i’ve never really cared much for my hair and always been a little bit insecure about…Everything.

So when i started working at Voodou, in the first month Rob said to me, “You would be perfect with Jamie” to be honest, i thought he was setting me up with a date. Turns out Jamie is a very talented 22 year old stylist at Voodou and when we got talking i discovered his passions in life were similar to my own – he’s a corker for good music, Prince, Patti Smith and some 70’s rock and roll and he has impeccable taste for a vintage bargain – Blondie Parallel LinesVinyl £3.50 from Oxfam! but more importantly he understood completely that i was a lazy little twit when it came to my hair and i needed a change.

We talked about everything from colour, cut, how much time i spend on it in the morning – “About 20 seconds..” what my life is like in general before we got on to inspirations. I took a few photos in…


So you get the jist, i liked the idea of red and being a natural blonde it didn’t seem that difficult. Jamie said orange was definitely my colour and we agreed there aren’t enough ginger people in the world so that is what i had to become.

A Year Behind the Wizards Curtain

Needless to say it took a few goes to make it stick but less than a year later, i’m still being painted orange by Jamie every 6-8 weeks ( in fact at this very moment i’m typing under a very hot climazone – the hot hairdryer thing that makes your colour stick ) and probably will be forever more if i have my way because he’s not only a great stylist but a funny bugger!







A Year Behind the Wizards Curtain

It’s more than a haircut, believe me.