Are You In The Dog House?

Now listen fellas, we’ve all been there…we were only staying for ‘just the one’ and then we rolled in at 2a.m…or maybe we just momentarily forgot that it was the 2 year anniversary of our first date…or perhaps we don’t actually know what it is that we did do wrong, but we just know from ‘that look’ that we’re definitely not on a promise this weekend!

Whatever the reason, being in the doghouse is simply part of a healthy, normal relationship and when it happens, it’s probably just best to keep your head down and stay out of the way for a few hours! And that’s where Voodou comes in….book an appointment and you can grab yourself a short respite from the evil death stare that would make Lord Voldemort look like Prince Charming.

What’s more, time sat in our Barbers’ chairs is time well spent – whether it’s a complete restyle or a beard trim, with a little bit of Voodou genius we can restore those devilishly handsome good looks that she will find hard to resist whatever the misdemeanour!! And whilst you’re here, the complimentary head massageoptional conditioning treatments and a cool beer should help you to de-stress – although maybe make that a coffee if you’re hung-over!

Good looks and inner peace restored, you’re almost ready to head back and make your humble apologies…just one last thing, we also sell gift packs, gift vouchers and styling must-haves such as professional hairdryers and GHD straighteners…in other words – guilt relieving presents to suit a range of budgets depending on the nature of the crime!