Bank Holiday Preparations

After getting harassed from our Marketing Manager Emma for weeks – “Ryan’s writing a blog why aren’t you!?” I decided to bite the bullet and do my own….

Styling Update

There has been a blow dry revolution in the salon this week with the arrival of American Crew’s Ultra Matte. Don’t ask me how they’ve done it, but they have managed to formulate a gel that you blow dry into your hair and it gives you a dry finish instead of the greasy wet look usually found with a gel. We’ve been combining it with a bit of Boost Powder and been able to create some great styles that look like you’ve actually used no product at all!!! 

Bank Holiday Preparations











Client News

Radio City Dj Dave Kelly was in on Wednesday, fresh back from a DJ set in Ibiza,. Unfortunately for Dave though the powers that be at the radio station only gave him 22 hours on the White Isle, so he couldn’t really take advantage of his time there – in fact his producers even stopped him from having so much as a pint!!!

A bit later in the week saw the return of Liam Cureton a much loved regular of Sid’s and a bar tender at the famous Nation nightclub. Liam was straight off the plane from backpacking round the Far East, and after he had forgiven me for pointing out his lack of a tan, he began to tell me about his time in Thailand, which he basically summed up by saying the beer was strong, the hangovers were lethal, and the lady boys are very difficult to tell from the actual ladies, personally I think he was trying to cover something up though! 

The Voodou Team

This week is ending with a bank holiday, which in Liverpool means it’s time for the famous Matthew St. Festival. If you’ve never been you really need to give it a whirl, it’s a great event, and Voodou for Him has one of our barbers performing at the event! Gaz Wilcox, is the lead guitar and singer in a local band called “The Verdict” that has been causing waves not only in the Liverpool music scene but nationally too, having only recently played at the houses of parliament! For those of you who get their hair cut by Gaz you’ll probably know all about the band, but for everyone else, they’re definitely worth a watch and are playing at 13:30 on the Williamson Square Stage.

Bank Holiday Preparations










Our graduate Jessy Logue turned 18 this week and is celebrating it by attending the bank holiday weekend’s other star attraction Creamfields! I’ll be telling you all about it in next week’s blog, but for now, if you see Jess there, we apologise in advance!

Bank Holiday Preparations








I think I’m the only other team member with any big plans this weekend (and they’re not that big to be honest). The Sunday league side I play and manage for (Afc Stockport), have their final pre-season preparations on Sunday in the Greg Curley Tournament in Stockport. 3 games in one day and me just recovering from ankle ligament damage, no wonder Robbie hates me playing Sunday league!!! Anyway if you see me hobbling round the salon on Tuesday you know why!

Bank Holiday Preparations








So that’s it my first ever blog! I hope I’ve kept you entertained and given you a better look into the goings on of the salon, and hopefully you’ll be reading my next one!

Have a great Bank Holiday whatever you decide to do with it and don’t forget both Bold Street salons are open on Sunday!