Day 6 – Prizes from the most ‘liked’ Salon – Voodou!

Day 6 - Prizes from the most liked Salon - Voodou!Yay for Facebook! It’s the best time wasting thing ever invented ever amen. Where else can you stalk ex partners, check out how fat the ‘popular’ girls from school are now and take a front row (albeit online) seat whilst people’s love lives are played out for all to see?! We just love it and we love you for liking it – all 10,000+ of you! In July you made us the most ‘liked’ salon in the world and this made us sooooo happy. To say a big thanks we gathered some lovely swag from the prize cupboard and decided to have ten whole days of celebrations!

Today’s celebratory prize up for grabs is;

A Voodou award winning exceptional precision WET SHAVE!

Are you more dishevelled than dishy?

Have you got a husband that looks more Neanderthal than neat?

A boyfriend that’s fuzzy rather than fine?

A brother that’s hairy and a bit too scary?!

Then enter to win this fantastic prize! A Voodou signature precision wet shave involves Voodou’s own shaving cream, hot towels, safety razors and then finished with an open blade razor – the ultimate shave.

Day 6 - Prizes from the most liked Salon - Voodou!

All you need to do is answer the following question…


To enter, comment in the box below with your answer before 10pm Wednesday 3rd August. A winner will be picked at random and notified by email. Winners need to respond within 24hours otherwise an alternative winner will be selected.

Don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook!

Good luck,

Voodou x