Find out the best ways to protect your locks this summer…

For those of us lucky enough to be jetting off to an exotic location this summer – keeping our hair in tip-top shape whilst away can often be the last thing on our minds. There is no denying that sun, sea and chlorine can all wreak havoc on your hair. Before you kick beauty to the curb for a day of fun in the sun, Voodou, Liverpool share some of our top tips to keep your tresses damage-free on the beach this summer.

Protecting your hair in the pool this summer can be as simple as tying up your hair, or wetting it with tap water prior to taking the plunge. For those of us who are weary of awaking the green-dyed-monster, however – don’t panic! There are lots more tricks to keep discoloured, dried out strands at bay…


Conditioner Is Your Friend!

Figuring out how to protect hair in the pool is all about understanding the importance of creating a barrier between hair cuticles and any chemicals in the water. Much like using natural oils, a leave in conditioner can help seal hair cuticles making them less susceptible to chemicals.

These are a few basic tips on how to protect your hair in the pool that ought to come handy on your hols! You should, however, have in mind that there are other factors to take into account such as the type of activity and the length of time you’ll be spending in the water.



Treat With a Natural Oil Beforehand

In a similar vein to the whole wetting your hair before swimming idea, treating it with natural oil like jojoba or coconut can protect it from chemicals used in many pools. The oils help seal the hair cuticles and create a physical barrier from the elements.



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