Hair Care 101: Sun Protection

Hair Care 101: Sun Protection

We may not be out of the cold just yet but UV rays penetrate through the clouds and can cause some serious damage.

Signs of sun damage to your hair can include:

  • Faded hair color
  • Brittle or broken hair
  • Broken or split ends.
  • Frizzy hair.
  • Weakened and thinning hair.

If you’re serious about protecting your hair and getting the best from it this year try a few of these tips;

Hat’s a Good Idea

The best way to protect your hair from the sun’s rays is to block the exposure to the sun. Most hats provide 100% protection from the sun’s rays but do catch the strangles that fall short of the hats protection.

Protect with Style

Many styling aids, leave in conditioners, and hair sprays have an SPF right in them!  Use an SPF of 10-15 in hair products, with SPF 12 being a very popular choice by many hair product manufacturers.

Don’t Forget These Final Tips
Half the battle of protecting your hair from the sun happens when you’re not even in the sun!

  • Clarify! If you’re using a UV protection in your hair, don’t forget to use a clarifying shampoo once a week.
  • Protect Your Part! Use full strength SPF directly on your scalp where you part your hair. The scalp’s direct exposure to the sun in that manner can burn and peel.
  • Maintain Moisture! A weekly conditioning mask will help keep the damage by the sun at a minimum.
  • Just Say NO!… to alcohol, peroxide, lemon juice, and “sun activated hair lightening” products. Check the labels and stay away from hair products that contain high levels of alcohol or peroxide. And please, do not try to lighten your hair using lemon juice or other sun activated hair lightening products. These products will cause your hair to dry out faster and will speed the process of damage caused by the sun