Hair Chalking

From celebrities to catwalks the trend of hair chalking has been everywhere lately. Over the summer it was seen at ALL the major festivals and now that Christmas is approaching we’ve got hair shadow on our wish lists to Santa!

The two major hair shadows we are stocking at Voodou are COLOR.BUG and COLORSMASH and both come in a range of gorgeous colours!

Hair shadow is a simple and easy way to transform your hair in an instant into a vibrant, fun and creative style. COLOR.BUG inventor and hairdressing guru Kevin Murphy tells us how the idea came about…

The story of COLOUR.BUG
The story of COLOUR.BUG

COLOR.BUG first came to me while seeing a video of the Holi Festival of Colour in India. People going mad throwing around coloured powder and having the time of their lives, this is a religious festival in India to mark the start of spring.The colours are amazing and on a recent trip to India I was able to come across these powders and thought how amazing would it be to have them for our hair.

The story of COLOUR.BUG

“There was a shift in fashion and I was seeing bright techno colours in fashion everywhere and “colour blocking” was the word on everybody’s lips. The blends of colour that interested me were mixing camel with hot pink, and petrol blues with fluoro oranges. I thought it would be great to do these sorts of things with hair. We have had vertical colouring techniques for so long and thought it was time to create a more horizontal block of colour. By using the natural tones of hair I was able to create a horizontal line and block the hair with a hot pink powder.

Abby Lee was the first model I tried this on for Vogue last year in March. We gave her the dip dye effect in pink.

A light went on in my head and I thought why cant hair colour be as easy as applying makeup? So I started the long road of how to make this pigment powder into a product so that everyone could have it.

I started to see colour popping up on the catwalks in London, Milan and New York, and every time I did an editorial I wanted to add colour. A coloured powder gave the hair a great texture and it was a great way to really transform the hair in seconds. It took quite a few times before we had it perfected. I thought it was going to just be a fad but I did another shoot in the May issue of Vogue and then I knew it was going to be the next big thing – which it has been.”

Call into Voodou’s Colour Centre salon on Bold Street to have a look at the range of products available for chalking.

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