Illumina, Liverpool Fashion Week & Hanna’s Green Hair!

Illumina Colour Revolution

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The biggest colour revolution in over 20 years has arrived at Voodou and it is called Illumina. Believe me it takes a lot to impress me these days but from day one this has had me hooked and more than that my clients love it too.

This Illumina colour does not sit as dense in the hair like other colours do, so therefore it reflects light, leaving the hair looking lighter, softer and sheer, it truly is beautiful, and the other good thing is that it covers up to 100% grey.  So ask your stylist at our Liverpool hairdressers about Illumina colour next time you’re in the salon.

Liverpool Fashion Week

Illumina, Liverpool Fashion Week & Hannas Green Hair!The Art Team at Voodou have out first meeting this week about Liverpool Fashion week, and I’m very excited about it. Voodou are doing all the models hair for the opening night, there will be seven designers to keep happy and hopefully a packed house of fashionistas.

Voodou are also doing our own hair show on closing night at The Hilton, this is very exciting for us and our creative juices will definitely be flowing to come up with our own concept. We have also been asked to do the hair for the advertising campaign for Liverpool Fashion Week which is such great thing to be asked to do.

New Assistant Hanna

I have a lovely new assistant Hanna, she can only be described as a chameleon, every day she has some quirky little outfit on and best of all she lets me do her hair however I like.  This week we dyed her hair pastel green and gave her a micro fringe, and she rocks this look.
Not everyone could carry it off but Hanna is like my muse so keep an eye out for what we do next.
For anyone thinking of a big colour change remember we have half price colour on a Thurs and Sunday, so what better time to experiment.
Til next week,


Ryan x

Illumina, Liverpool Fashion Week & Hannas Green Hair!

Illumina, Liverpool Fashion Week & Hannas Green Hair!