Spring/Summer 2012 Trends By Voodou

Hex Marks The Spot by Ryan Edwards

It has often been said at Voodou that no two days are the same, one minute you can come into work and be roped into doing a zombie walk down Bold Street, the next you could be asked to do a last minute hair up for a photo shoot, or you could even be involved in making a fifteen stone dress out of hair!! Because of this I have decided to write blog posts, filling you in on the goings on at Voodou; what has caught our eye in the world of hair and fashion, and what has got both the staff and customers of Voodou talking….

I can remember a time, not so long ago, when Joe public would look at girls with what we now call festival hair and call them the great unwashed, grabbing a sneaky look to see if anything was crawling is the crow’s nest they called their hair.

We have now become more sophisticated in our approach to festival hair and although it still does not look highly polished, like the effort we put in on regular Saturday night, it does however have a real sexy elegance to it. I think there is something so gorgeous about a girl who can still look amazing whilst looking slightly dishevelled at the same time.

The whole ethos behind festival hair is maximum impact with minimum effort; it should look like you have not really tried but secretly spent hours in Voodou with your favourite stylist.

Achieving this maximum impact minimum effort look has been made so easy for you these days, what with all the great products on the market at the moment – which are of course all available at Voodou!

Celebrity feathers are a great addition to the festival hair look! These come in a variety of colours and when contrasted with your natural hair colour they create a really striking look! The amazing thing about celebrity feathers is that because they are a natural product they can be washed, curled and even crimped, making them the perfect accessory for any look.

For those of you that really want to try the fantastic dip-dyed look, you can really experiment with colour and tone. Opting for either a subtle look or going all out and really in your face, both are really on trend! If you’re not sure about taking the plunge and doing anything permanent we stock Kevin Murphy’s amazing COLOR.BUG.

Spring/Summer 2012 Trends By Voodou

These great new products can only be described as eye shadow for hair! They come in three colours; pink, purple and peach and your literally rub them on to your hair to create a dramatic dip dyed look… AND the great news is you can simply wash it out in the morning! One of my clients Holly bought two (one pink and one peach) a couple of weeks ago and took them to Ibiza. When she got back she told how she couldn’t get over the amount of people commenting on her hair – she said it was unbelievable!

Spring/Summer 2012 Trends By Voodou

Finally the simplest look out of the lot and maybe the most stylish are our Beauty Works Plaits! Perfect for those of you that like the subtle looks, these amazing plaited hair bands allow you to just lash your hair back – yet still have a little sophistication.

So I think you will all agree there are many options and looks that can be achieved both permanently and temporarily for the festival look and the really good news is you can achieve all these looks with our help at Voodou.

Catch you next time, Ryan