Holiday Haircare Tips for Men

How to care for Mens’ Hair on Holiday by Voodou, Liverpool

Going on holiday, you shouldn’t think twice about protecting your skin from the sun, but don’t forget about your hair too. The sun’s harmful UV rays and chlorine from the hotel pool can damage your hair, leaving it dry and crispy.

To keep your hair looking as fresh as it did when you boarded the plane, follow our easy holiday hair care tips for men.

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1. Step away from the hairdryer

In between the beach and the bar you may be tempted to blast your hair with the hotel room hairdryer, but this increases frizz leaving you looking a little wild. Let your hair air dry to keep the frizz at bay.

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2. Cover it up

To minimise sun damage and a potentially sunburnt scalp (ouch!) pack a hat into your suitcase to keep you protected and looking cool. We’ve rounded up a few of our high street favourites below. (Clockwise from top left; H&M, Topman, New Look, Hype, New Look, New Look.)

holiday hats for men

3. SPF for your hair

The sun cream you use for your skin doesn’t have the same affect if plastered onto your hair…not only does it make it look super greasy, but you can get specialised SPF sprays for your hair and scalp. Our favourite is Wella thermal image heat protection spray.

wella thermal

4. It’s all about the Coconuts!

Fitting in with the tropical setting you’ll be enjoying, coconut oil available from food and health shops can do miracles for your hair. If your hair tends to get a little frazzled in the humidity, rub a bit of coconut oil into your ends to keep your hair looking smooth in the heat. If your hair is in need of a little TLC before you jet off, why not book an appointment online HERE or call 0151 708 4017.