50s Style Hollywood Glamour

Get the Look Step by Step Guide: 50s Style Hollywood Glamour by Voodou Liverpool

“Dita’s hair has a timeless classic style. It looks healthy with an incredible sheen. She was a highly desirable look and always appears flawless, glamorous and well-groomed. A true modern day pin-up”
– Lorna Moore, ghd


The stylist from Voodou Liverpool love the 50s style Hollywood Glamour and think this get the look step by step guide is a perfect way to help you copy the style at home.


Step 1 – The key to  Dita’s hairstyle is the flawless finish which starts from prepping the hair. Start by drying your hair using a good root lift spray all the way through and using – if you have one – a bristle radial brush – and hairdryer. This will give the hair protection and structure but will keep the shine.

Step 2-  Part the hair low on one side and section the hair into five rows from top to bottom; both sides of the parting down to the ear one straight down the center from crown to nape and both sides of the center parting at the back

Step 3 Using your straighteners, take horizontal sections roughly the width and depth of the plate, and apply a style curl hold spray lightly to each section. Glide and rotate the straighteners down each from from top to bottom creating a curl with lift

Step 4 – After curling, roll each section neatly around one finger and secure the curl with clips

Step 5 – Once the hair has cooled, remove the clips and, using your brush lightly mist with a strong holding spray while brushing the curls into the desired waves

Step 6 -To finish cover your brush with a shining spray and smooth over the top of the style for a beautiful shimmer and smooth finish

 Top Tip for the perfect 50s style Hollywood Glamour look

Be prepared to shine

This style needs structure and support, but it also needs to have a polished finish that looks touchable and effortless. We recommend a root lift spray for the structure such as Root Canal by Evo,, a touch of Wella SP Luxe Oil to define the curls and add shine, then finally and most importantly a pair of ghd hair straighteners.

If you love this get the look step by step guide but want one of our expert stylists to do it for you, give us a call in our hair salon in Liverpool on 0151 708 4017. The perfect 50s style Hollywood Glamour can be achieved using Voodou Liverpool’s To-Go service from just £22.