Nioxin Diaboost

Increases the thickness of each existing hair strand

ioxin Diaboost is- a new specialized leave on treatment that increases the thickness of each existing hair strand for a fuller looking head of hair

P&G Beauty Scientists from around the globe combined Nioxin’s skin care inspired approach for hair with research findings on skin care and hair care to develop an advanced THICKENING complex leveraging ingredients with notable benefits in skin care products, it contains a mixture of ingredients such as:

Caffeine – Improvement

A well known ingredient, caffeine is recognised for improving skin hydration. Which in certain products results in a thicker, healthier stratum corneum

Panthenol – Straightening

Has an ability to penetrate right to the centre of the hair. In certain products this results in multiple benefits including straightening and moisturisation

Niacinamide – Protecting

Used in skin care to improve moisture barrier function, skin exture and skin tone

Nixoin Diaboost with a fusion of caffeine, panathenol and nicinamide is proven to increase the diameter of each existing hair strand which makes Diaboost with a HTX special

NIOXIN Diaboost is £39.99 in all Voodou salons.

What our staff had to say

“Nioxin Diaboost is simple to use, just spray onto the scalp and massage, use morning or evening on wet or dry, natural or coloured hair and with all usual styling productsIt can be used alone or is the perfect addition to your regimen”

– Gaz (Senior Stylist) Voodou for Him 


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