Oscars Hairstyles 2013

Hair Styles from the Oscars Red Carpet


Catherine Zeta-Jones looked her usual radiant self in a beautiful gold frock.  The actress never fails to disappoint us on the red carpet, we love her long dark brown hair parted off centre with the loose waves.  Catherine (or rather her very well paid stylist!) has achieved this look with some finger waves for her Oscars 2013 Hair style.  We love how her hair has been pulled to sit ever so nicely over one shoulder. Beautiful hair, beautiful dress and very rich hubby, we’re not jealous at all!

Jennifer Hudson wows us yet again!  The singer has created her Oscars Red Carpet Hairstyle with her black hair cut with a thick blunt fringe and added length and weight with some hair extensions.

Reese Wetherspoon curled her golden blonde hair for the 2013 Oscars. The actress had more weight on one side and elegantly tucked the other side behind her ear to display some bare skin and a little bling! Reese has more body among the ends of her hair and has chosen for a sleek tidy finish which we think is a great look for the Red Carpet.

Anne Hathaway is obviously still growing her pixie crop, but we love the stage she’s at now.  Her swept fringe is very flattering against her face and her medium brown hair colour choice is a lovely natural choice for her pale skin tone.  Plenty of body and movement but tucked tidily behind her ears finishes this Oscars hairstyle for Anne.  We aren’t so fond of the stitching on her dress though, it’s creating some very naughty shadows!

Charlize Theron looked absolutely stunning at the 2013 Oscars. Her honey blonde hair, white peplum dress and golden tan made for an amazing combination.  She looked radiant and we think the potentially severe haircut brings out her natural beauty.

Halle Berry‘s hair looked very funky on the red carpet at the Oscars.  Her chocolate brown hair with golden highlights are a perfect hair colour choice against her tanned complexion.  We loved the messy hairstyle and think Halle looks amazing as always.

Fatima Ptacek opted for a ballet bun.  Fatima’s hair style for the oscars was very tidy and slicked back.  The braid around her bun made this a very age-appropriate but still on trend hair style for Fatima. We approve!

Helena Bonham Carter is most definitely the hair-dont from the Red Carpet at the 2013 Oscars.  We presume she lost a hugely expensive earring in a hedge and had to go rummaging, and who can blame her? Diamonds aren’t cheap!

Kristen Chenoweth slicked back all of her hair into a bun for her oscars hair style.  We love this day-to-night hair style and think Kristen looks great although Kristen, Voodou do half price colour days if you needed a root touch up before your red carpet event!

Last but most certainly not least is the men! Beards are definitely on trend at the minute with the gorgeous Ben Affleck opting for a little facial fuzz.  He looks gorgeous but then the man could wear a binbag and make it look trendy!

Daniel radcliffe looks very sauve on the Red Carpet at the 2013 Oscars with his slick backed hair style and tightly shaved face. The long graduated cut is very popular with the shorter back and sides keeping the hairstyle tidy.

George Clooney looks at home and very comfortable on the red carpet at the Oscars.  Although George is a very good looking man who can pull off almost any look we think he could do with a wet shave at Voodou ! We think George looks great but we at Voodou think we could knock years off him!

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